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How Medtronic is making a difference during the pandemic

Clinicians and health professionals face incredible challenges in every aspect of patient care. That’s why Medtronic is actively mobilising to find the solutions they need. Below are some remarkable stories of how Medtronic employees took the initiative to help the heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Unpacking the material for an emergency hospital in Italy

Italy is one of the countries worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic. To support healthcare providers in these challenging times, Medtronic employees helped to build up emergency hospitals for coronavirus patients.


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The authorities in the northern Italian region of Lombardy decided to turn a large convention centre into a 208-bed emergency hospital. In response, sixteen Medtronic employees from Milan, gave up their weekend to help unpack and prepare the essential materials the hospital needed to function.

“We are honoured and proud to bring the Medtronic Mission to life. In this rather dramatic situation, we wanted to be there for our healthcare partners - supporting them as much as we could.”


Virtual Solutions

As the COVID-19 situation has evolved, Medtronic employees often cannot go into hospitals to provide in-person training and technical support. However, Medtronic managed to transition from that in-person support to a virtual solution quickly.



Medtronic technical consultants organised virtual training sessions, arranged remote patient monitoring and even supported critical procedures.

Just one example is the Medtronic Diabetes team in Portugal. In collaboration with the Local Health Unit of Matosinhos, they organised remote training sessions for patients to help them use our CareLinkTM software. This platform allows patients to download their insulin pump data and so gives them access to all the information they need in the management of their diabetes.

“When face-to-face interaction is no longer an option, one way to support our patients is to empower them to be more independent in managing their condition with the help of technology.”



"My face mask protects you, your face mask protects me"

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has seen an unprecedented demand for even the most basic Personal Protective Equipment. The response of many Medtronic employees was to volunteer to sew face masks for their colleagues, for people in their community and for healthcare providers.


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Take Adela Trzos, for instance. She works for Medtronic in the Czech Republic. After receiving an emergency announcement from the Prague townhall, Adela took an immediate decision to start sewing masks –even with the help from her young child. They gave up hours of their free time to sew masks for older patients and the medical staff taking care of them.

“We spent hours and hours cutting the material, doing measurement, pinning, sewing, ironing to get the ready-to-use face masks in the end. It was an honour to help this most vulnerable group of senior people. As we say, my face mask protects you, your face mask protects me.” 

Monika Trzost from Poland decided to raise money by sewing masks for healthcare professionals. She organised a small fundraiser among her colleagues and used the money to buy the material for masks. All the masks were donated to local hospitals.

“Superheroes are real, and they are around us!”

Corlia May joined Medtronic in South Africa six months ago and has been living the Medtronic Mission from day one. Recently, she started sewing fabric face masks after work hours -sometimes until 2 AM in the morning -for her friends, family, colleagues and customers. A local cardiology practice had a shortage of protective equipment, and Corlia promptly delivered the highly needed six handmade masks to the cardiology staff.

“This kind of ‘act of service’ is the Medtronic way. We are proud to call Corlia our colleague”


In-person support in patients with Colorectal cancer

In this era of social distancing, most Medtronic employees have had to limit their visits to hospitals and find ways to support healthcare providers remotely. But in some cases, the presence of the Medtronic staff in hospitals was critical to the success of procedures.


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Miguel Carvalheira, a Medtronic Sales Representative from Portugal, was asked to support surgeries with two very young Colorectal cancer patients. The Medtronic Signia Stapler was the best device for this procedure, but the surgical team didn’t have the necessary training to use it. So Miguel went to the hospital himself and gave the on-site support they needed.

Our Mission is what guides me when I need to make difficult decisions. I am happy the surgeries I supported went well. Once again, we contributed to saving a life and also to improving the patients’ quality of life.”

Overcoming the shortage of PPE

Medtronic employees did what it takes to deliver packages and overcome the shortage of protection equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Olga Malinowska and her team in Poland delivered 1,000 surgical suits, 3,000 surgical masks and 1,500 PP2 masks to Polish hospitals to enable them to treat their patients in a safe and secure environment.

Luis Lopes, Ines Joaquim, Joana Pereira, Mario Catarro and Joao Figueiredo in Portugal donated 2,000 reusable visors to the Portuguese Medical Bar and 2,000 were delivered to healthcare providers.

 Raquel Santos and the Vascular team in Portugal delivered 200 protection glasses to vascular surgeons in order to make sure that every patient could have the surgery they needed.

“We were able to deliver packages with necessary support equipment to hospitals and healthcare providers.”

Getting ventilators back to work

Teams across the EMEA region were able to show their dedication and expertise to repair, install and maintain life saving ventilators in several different healthcare facilities. 


Bharath Mummady and his team from Turkey region ‘returned to service’ ventilators that many hospitals had decommissioned.

They were able to get more than 22 ventilators back in action and ready to be used when patients needed them. The team was also able to install about 120 ventilators and 50 video laryngoscopes at COVID-19 treatment centres in Turkey.

The RMS team in Iberia helped set up 125 ventilators in Spain and Portugal and created a multi-company workstream supporting the Health Ministry to install 1,600 ventilators across Spain.

“If I can use my skills and training to fix the ventilators and get them back to work, it can help save lives.”

“We were proud to support healthcare professionals in this challenging COVID-19 situation.”


Philanthropy is more than a word at Medtronic, Switzerland

During these unprecedented times, COVID-19 lockdown caused families to risk running out of essential food and supplies. This, in turn, led to a large increase in overall demand for help from Food Banks across Switzerland. In response, the Medtronic Foundation raised funds for the Cartons du Coeur Association. Then employees in the Vaud region of Switzerland, volunteered to help buy, collect and distribute essential goods for one of the most important food banks.

ladies in supermarket

It’s just one example of how people at Medtronic stepped up and assured the delivery of essential supplies to more than 50 families in need during the lockdown.

“Together, we can demonstrate that we can make a difference for the community where we live and work.”


UK team ready to help physicians and save patient's lives

The UK team has gone above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic by training physicians for an Intensive care environment, converting 100 anaesthetic machines to ventilators and sourcing BIS monitors for the Manchester Royal Infirmary ICU.

John Anderson has been delivering critical Ventilator training to physicians who are not familiar with the Intensive Care environment and helped them prepare themselves for an influx of COVID-19 patients. 

uk physicians

Mark Prentice led his team to convert 100 anaesthetic machines to ventilators as a response to COVID-19. These ventilators will increase the capacity by 100% in Glasgow.

Mike Lucas and Paul Hampson from the North Team sourced a significant number of BIS monitors from all across the region and deliver to the Manchester Royal Infirmary ICU for COVID-19 patients within 24 hours.

“We are proud of delivering critical Ventilator training to physicians, converting anaesthetic machines to ventilators and sourcing monitors to help healthcare providers overcome this pandemic.”