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Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) partners with hospitals and healthcare professionals across EMEA, offering solutions that help them maximise capacities, resume operations and enable access to high quality care during COVID-19 and beyond. 

Optimising and accelerating care journeys

IHS offers a comprehensive and integrated solution to help providers build robust, optimised, patient-centric care pathways that accelerate access to care, minimise length of stay and support patients as they return home. Capitalising on hundreds of care pathway optimisation projects, across a broad array of medical conditions, the Pathway Accelerator Solution can quickly transform your pathway and deliver sustainable results.

It helps hospitals:

  • Improve patients’ experience
  • Be cost-efficient
  • Deliver high quality care
  • Enhance reputation
pdf How a bariatric care pathway went remote and contact-free in just four weeks. (.pdf)

During COVID-19, IHS helped Medical University Centre Mannheim (Germany) create a contact-free bariatric care pathway in just four weeks, while increasing patient access to care.


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Drive-through ICD & pacemaker check-up solution

Providing a 15-minute device check-up outside the hospital to lower contamination risk and increase capacity
IHS has developed a drive-through solution to provide pacemaker and internal cardiac device (ICD) check-ups while reducing the number of in-hospital visits and relieving the pressure on space and resources.

Case Study: St Antonius Heart Centre

Learn how IHS supported one of the leading hospitals in the Netherlands in providing pacemaker/ICD check-ups while lowering the risk of contamination, reducing the number of in-hospital visits by 90%, and eliminating patient backlog inherited from the 1st COVID-19 wave – seeing a total of nearly 300 patients outside the hospital over a two-week period. 


Helping providers ensure they have adequate hospital capacity when needed and flexibility to quickly adapt to the ever-changing situation. 
Medtronic IHS is currently offering the Capacity Centre, a comprehensive solution that helps providers become more agile and efficiently adapt to patients changing flow.

It includes:

  • A programme management office (PMO)
  • Analysis and projection on hospital demand and resources
  • Clinical services and procedure portfolio prioritisation (planning and scheduling)
  • Financial impact modelling
  • Transition planning
pdf Article: The five keys to maximising hospital capacity (.pdf)

Learn how we help hospitals maximise their capacity and make the best use of their available resources. Read also how we supported the cardiology department at a large teaching hospital in the Netherlands sustain its Cath Lab volumes during the COVID-19 crisis and thereby avoid long wait lists for patients.

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Giving cardiology patients immediate access to all diagnostic procedures in a single visit. Our comprehensive and fully managed cardiology diagnostic centre provides patients with a one-stop diagnostic experience that reduces time to first appointment, shortens diagnostic wait times, and lowers diagnostic costs for hospitals. 

This one-stop concept is especially valuable during COVID-19 as it helps alleviate patient fear about interacting with the healthcare system, while reducing instances of deferred care, and assisting hospitals in refilling their patient pipeline. 

pdf A Novel, Fast Track Approach to Outpatient Diagnostic Cardiac Care (.pdf)

Learn how our turnkey solution supports hospitals in managing patient backlogs, optimising Cath Lab utilisation, and freeing up resources to provide intensive treatment for more complex cases.


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Managing Cath Labs and operating rooms for efficiency, cost savings and growth.
Medtronic IHS provides an integrated service offering to establish and support management of leading-edge cardiovascular departments, including:

  • Equipment management
  • Material management
  • Operational excellence advisory
  • Implementation of advanced cardiovascular information systems
  • Business development
  • On-site service improvement staff

Our managed services are ISO certified* and built on our expertise in optimising and operating Cath Labs and operating rooms for more than 200 hospitals.

managed services image


We establish long term partnerships with leading institutions across EMEA to help them improve efficiency and provide high-quality patient care. Discover our stories: 

pdf Case Study: Maastricht University Medical Centre (.pdf)

Discover how IHS supported the Heart+Vascular centre at the Maastricht University Medical Centre in its journey towards operational excellence by enhancing its capacity, decreasing the number of cancelled surgeries and improving OR utilisation without additional resources.


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pdf Case Study: St. Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein (.pdf)

Learn how IHS supported the leading Dutch hospital in gaining thirty minutes per day per Cath Lab in just five months and in treating 15% more patients with no increase in resources.


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pdf Case Study: ERASMUS Medical Centre Rotterdam (.pdf)

Discover how IHS partnered with the leading Dutch hospital in optimising surgical planning process, increasing capacity and improving access to care.


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Enabling same-day-intervention and discharge in a cutting-edge setting.
Medtronic IHS has developed CardioLounge - a comprehensive out of the box solution to drive Same-Day-Discharge (SDD) for cardiology patients.

CardioLounge enables:

  • Transformation of traditional day wards to cutting-edge patient-centric CardioLounges
  • Implementation of safe and efficient operations
  • Implementation of clinical protocols
  • Implementation of a digital patient engagement app
  • Project and change management to drive project success
  • Access to best-practices and benchmarks.
pdf CardioLounge – overcoming capacity barriers to handle new cardiology patients (.pdf)

See how a cardiology department at a large teaching hospital in the Netherlands increased capabilities to treat an additional two patients per day at the day ward and freed up 50% of cardiac intervention beds on a short-stay ward without additional resources.


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Helping hospitals augment their infrastructure to maximise capacity.
Medtronic IHS offers a comprehensive and fully managed design and set-up of Intensive or Sub-intensive Care Units that enable healthcare professionals to provide fast and optimal care during COVID-19. 

pdf ICU - Turnkey Solution (.pdf)

Learn how our turnkey solution supports hospitals in increasing ICU efficiency, optimising patients and staff pathways and improving infection control.


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Patient Engagement and remote Monitoring

Get Ready® is a digital health solution that connects patients and clinicians to enable care coordination and management. It’s a highly flexible solution as it can be:

  • Applied across different use cases
  • Utilised for a variety of therapies 
  • Tailored to the specific needs of any hospital

Get Ready® helps hospitals and healthcare professionals to assess, monitor and triage COVID-19 patients following an emergency department visit or conventional hospitalisation, thus freeing-up resources, lowering the risk to be exposed to COVID-19, and optimising utilisation of critical resources.

Learn more about Get Ready® 

pdf How Get Ready® is helping Amiens University Hospital move to ERAS (.pdf)

Discover how the neurosurgery department of the Amiens University Hospital in France increased the number of patients’ same-day admissions by 33% and decreased patients’ length of stay by -1.3 days without additional resources.


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INCAP=INtegrated CAre Program is an integrated solution for the remote monitoring of diabetes patients aiming at optimising their entire care pathway.

Through analytics and a service centre, it offers triage and exclusive services, to provide insights to HCPs, allowing them to deliver information and therapy advice to patients, remotely.
INCAP enables clinical teams to:

  • focus on those cases needing additional attention
  • intervene between in-person visits
  • schedule visits when needed
  • use a digital, patient-friendly, interface to communicate with their patients

Learn more about INCAP here or contact us via

Remote collaboration

MedCom: Enabling remote collaboration across medical care teams 
Our digital collaboration platform MedCom facilitates remote communication and collaboration of interdisciplinary care teams to make faster decisions about patient cases during COVID-19 crisis. 

pdf MedCom - Improving decision making during COVID-19 and beyond (.pdf)

Learn how our digital collaboration platform helps medical teams manage social distancing, reduce exposure to infectious patients and improve remote decision-making.


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The impact of COVID-19 on AF treatment: Challenges and potential solutions.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, elective procedures such as AF ablation were cancelled or postponed. As a consequence, many hospitals experienced a huge backlog of AF procedures. Explore concepts and practices that might help you to reduce your AF patient waiting list in the COVID era.

pdf COVID-19 AF Solutions (.pdf)

See how the Arctic Front™ Cardiac Cryoablation Catheter System can benefit electrophysiologists, hospitals and patients.


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pdf Overcome COVID-19 backlog in AF treatment (.pdf)

As with many other hospitals, the St. Joseph's-hospital in Wiesbaden, Germany experienced a considerable backlog of AF procedures. To overcome this backlog and reduce the waiting list for AF procedures, Prof. Ehrlich and his team decided to dedicate a row of cryo days early in June 2020. For these days, they increased the case capacity from the usual 6 up to 10 and scheduled 27 patients within three days.


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Arctic Front Cryoballoon Service Optimisation in the COVID Era

Watch the expert panel discussion featured by Radcliffe Cardiology to learn about ways to improve the efficiency of the Medtronic cryoballoon ablation workflow, optimise staff support, and implement same-day discharge.


The following resources on hospital capacity and efficiency have been collected from healthcare organisations, consultancies, and other industry experts.


ISO 9001:2015 certification for design and construction turnkey, medical equipment turnkey and material management services.


Medtronic FocusOnSM Monitoring Service is provided by Medtronic Monitoring Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medtronic.

Certification provided by Cardiovascular Credentialing International


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