Now more than ever, patients need reassurance. Learn from experts in the field and use our tools to help your teams restore patient confidence.

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 remains evolving, please refer to the national authorities for the most up-to-date information. Please note that the materials and templates are provided as general guidance and for information purposes. Prior to use of any materials in your practice, it should be reviewed with appropriate counsel and adjustments made to account for your country situation and practice setting. 

Learn about:

Diabetes, Obesity, CARDIAC and Metabolic Health

Pain Management and Targeted Drug Delivery

Medtronic Pain Products: FAQ for Healthcare Professionals for the SynchroMed™ II TDD Therapies (ITB, Malignant Pain, Non-Malignant Pain) and COVID-19 This resource provides information on questions that Medtronic has received related to its pain products and targeted drug delivery (TDD) therapies during the COVID-19 pandemic. This HCP resource is available as a downloadable PDF.


Access specialist advice and guidelines on operating Respiratory & Monitoring devices in critical care / ICU for patients with severe respiratory illness due to COVID-19.

pdf Safe Operations (.pdf)

Practical measures for theatre, screening and diagnosis, management of COVID-19 in OR, laparoscopy and use of filtration during laparoscopy.


Download the Guidelines
pdf Covid-19: A Practical Response (.pdf)

Looking at Operating Room Air Management Solutions from Medtronic.


Download the Brochure

Surgical Smoke Management & Operating Room Safety During Covid-19
Watch the Webinar recording about Risks and Potential Transmissions of SARS-CoV-2 via Surgical Smoke. 

Patient Engagement and remote Monitoring

Get Ready® is a digital health solution that connects patients and clinicians to enable care coordination and management. It’s a highly flexible solution as it can be:

  • Applied across different use cases
  • Utilised for a variety of therapies 
  • Tailored to the specific needs of any hospital

Get Ready® helps hospitals and healthcare professionals to assess, monitor and triage COVID-19 patients following an emergency department visit or conventional hospitalisation, thus freeing-up resources, lowering the risk to be exposed to COVID-19, and optimising utilisation of critical resources.

Learn more about Get Ready® 

pdf How Get Ready® is helping Amiens University Hospital move to ERAS (.pdf)

Discover how the neurosurgery department of the Amiens University Hospital in France increased the number of patients’ same-day admissions by 33% and decreased patients’ length of stay by -1.3 days without additional resources.


Download the case study

Remote collaboration - MEDCOM

MedCom: Enabling remote collaboration across medical care teams 
Our digital collaboration platform MedCom facilitates remote communication and collaboration of interdisciplinary care teams to make faster decisions about patient cases during COVID-19 crisis. 

pdf MedCom - Improving decision making during COVID-19 and beyond (.pdf)

Learn how our digital collaboration platform helps medical teams manage social distancing, reduce exposure to infectious patients and improve remote decision-making.


Download MedCom Information

INCAP=INtegrated CAre Program is an integrated solution for the remote monitoring of diabetes patients aiming at optimising their entire care pathway.

Through analytics and a service centre, it offers triage and exclusive services, to provide insights to HCPs, allowing them to deliver information and therapy advice to patients, remotely.
INCAP enables clinical teams to:

  • focus on those cases needing additional attention
  • intervene between in-person visits
  • schedule visits when needed
  • use a digital, patient-friendly, interface to communicate with their patients

Learn more about INCAP here or contact us via


COVID-19 recommendations and policies to prevent transmission have caused significant concerns for patients. As a consequence, many regular elective surgeries are on hold. As new measures have been put in place to remedy the issues, many patients remain uninformed and so may be avoiding or delaying treatment.

What can we do to remedy this situation?

  • Ensure that you have all the structures, pathways, procedures and guidance in place.
  • Proactively communicate this to your patients and referrers.

The following guide provides advice and suggestions to adapt to your specific situation. 

Destination Health answers patient questions and address concerns ahead of seeking care. 

  • An introduction to telehealth, educating patients on their ability to receive care without a face-to-face visit
  • A “roadmap to care” that previews what to expect at the doctor’s office, surgical centre, or hospital
  • FAQ to help patients reengage the healthcare system and move forward with confidence


This communication toolkit has the tools you need to communicate to your patients that all the necessary precautions are taken to ensure their safety - and your staff’s.

  • PLEASE NOTE that the situation around COVID-19 is evolving and that the subject matter contained and/or referenced herein  may change on a daily basis. Please refer to the CDC, WHO and relevant federal, state, governmental and local authorities for the most up-to-date information.
  • These materials have not been prepared for use in any particular jurisdiction and users of these materials should review these resources with appropriate medical and/or legal counsel and make their own determination as to the relevance to their particular practice setting and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. These materials are provided as general guidance and only for informational purposes and do not constitute medical or legal advice.
  • By using any of these materials you confirm and agree that: i) none of Medtronic plc or any of its affiliates, employees, contractors, officers or directors (“Medtronic”), is responsible for any liability that may flow from the use of these materials; ii) that you have taken such steps as may be necessary to ensure that your use of the materials applies with applicable laws and regulations, and that the statements are accurate and appropriate for use having regard to your institution or practice, accordingly that Medtronic is not liable for any of the statements contained herein; iii) none of these materials are intended to induce the use or purchase of any Medtronic product or therapy.

Hospital Communication to Patients

pdf Recovery communications for hospitals (.pdf)

Provide reassuring messages about the hospital protocol and the care pathway.




pdf Practice to Patient (.pdf)

Inform your patients that you are open.




pdf Patient Screening Form (.pdf)

A screening form for your patients to fill out prior to consultation.




pdf Patient FAQ (.pdf)

An FAQ to answer your patients questions.




These campaigns were developed to encourage patients to seek medical advice when feeling unwell.

  • ACT FAST Stroke campaign: Watch how Stroke Physicians are adapting to Covid-19
  • Medtronic sponsored Global Heart Hub Just Go Campaign
  • Don't Ignore Heart Symptoms: During Covid-19 don't ignore heart symptoms especially if you have a heart condition.
  • Don't Ignore Your Varicose Veins: During Covid-19 don't ignore your varicose veins, these are a result of Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)

External Resources

Visit the Medical Societies section to explore more COVID-19 resources from major medical societies and professional associations.


Advisory Board, a membership-based consulting firm that provides best practices and strategic insight to nearly 5,000 health care organizations, is making its COVID-19 research and webinars publicly available to help you navigate the crisis via its COVID-19 Resource Page. Medtronic is a subscribing member of Advisory Board’s syndicated research programs.
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