We’re dedicated to helping healthcare teams expand remote care and patient access while reducing exposure for both patients and staff without compromising on the quality of care.

  • Demand, and acceptance for remote patient monitoring (RPM) and digital patient engagement have surged under Covid-19.
  • These virtual health solutions can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of maintaining patients at home, thereby avoiding unnecessary hospital stays, increasing patient engagement, improving clinical outcomes, and reducing the costs of care.
  • Hospitals need  flexible solutions that can support and empower patients in their journey across a variety of diseases and use cases.
  • Medtronic offers digital platforms, combined with patient and care team-facing services, enabling remote patient monitoring and empowering them to better manage their own care.

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Patient Engagement and remote Monitoring

Get Ready® is a digital health solution that connects patients and clinicians to enable care coordination and management. It’s a highly flexible solution as it can be:

  • Applied across different use cases
  • Utilised for a variety of therapies 
  • Tailored to the specific needs of any hospital

Get Ready® helps hospitals and healthcare professionals to assess, monitor and triage COVID-19 patients following an emergency department visit or conventional hospitalisation, thus freeing-up resources, lowering the risk to be exposed to COVID-19, and optimising utilisation of critical resources.

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pdf How Get Ready® is helping Amiens University Hospital move to ERAS (.pdf)

Discover how the neurosurgery department of the Amiens University Hospital in France increased the number of patients’ same-day admissions by 33% and decreased patients’ length of stay by -1.3 days without additional resources.


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INCAP=INtegrated CAre Program is an integrated solution for the remote monitoring of diabetes patients aiming at optimising their entire care pathway.

Through analytics and a service centre, it offers triage and exclusive services, to provide insights to HCPs, allowing them to deliver information and therapy advice to patients, remotely.
INCAP enables clinical teams to:

  • focus on those cases needing additional attention
  • intervene between in-person visits
  • schedule visits when needed
  • use a digital, patient-friendly, interface to communicate with their patients

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In-Clinic Device Patient Distancing with Tablet solutions
Minimising exposure for both patients and the clinic staff while providing the same quality of care can be challenging. Medtronic Patient Management tablet-based solutions can play a key role to reduce unnecessary patient interaction, whether it is at Implant or Follow-up. Learn more about our solutions.

Remote monitoring of cardiac device patients: Connect more patients to CareLinkTM network with the BeConnected service 
Remote monitoring has become the standard of care for patients with cardiac devices1 and is recommended to be utilised as much as possible by the ESC COVID-19 Guidance2. Today you can connect more patients to the CareLinkTM Network without the burden on your staff coming from patient onboarding activities thanks to BeConnected, a patient support service that educates patients, screens for the optimal monitoring solution and supports them setting-up. Learn more about BeConnected.

Manage burden with FocusOnTM Monitoring & Triaging Service
FocusOnTM  helps clinics in the management of CareLinkTM remote transmitted data. It saves time from non-clinically actionable data review and accelerates clinical decision-making. Learn more about FocusOnTM

Remote collaboration

MedCom: Enabling remote collaboration across medical care teams 
Our digital collaboration platform MedCom facilitates remote communication and collaboration of interdisciplinary care teams to make faster decisions about patient cases during COVID-19 crisis.

pdf MedCom - Improving decision making during COVID-19 and beyond (.pdf)

Learn how our digital collaboration platform helps medical teams manage social distancing, reduce exposure to infectious patients and improve remote decision-making.


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Explore educational resources to optimise your clinical workflows in response to COVID-19. Some content may require registration to access.


Patient management tailored T&E
Through a very simple assessment, we can help identify your Patient Management training needs. Whether its new training, upskilling or refresher training, we can support you every step of the way, by designing a tailored education programme to enhance and streamline both your clinic workflows and remote monitoring service. Click here to learn more

Remote monitoring of cardiac device patients in the COVID-19 era 
Watch the EHRA Medtronic’s sponsored scientific sessions where several presenters have shared how they have dealt with Covid-19 challenges and learn how Medtronic Patient Management solutions can help.


Visit the Medical Societies section to explore more COVID-19 resources from major medical societies and professional associations.


Ricci RP, Vicentini A, D’Onofrio A, et al. Impact of in-clinic follow-up visits in patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators: demographic and socioeconomic analysis of the TARIFF study population. J Interv Card Electrophysiol. November 2013;38(2):101-106. 


The European Society for Cardiology. ESC Guidance for the Diagnosis and Management of CV Disease during the COVID-19 Pandemic. (Last update: 10 June 2020).