This two-day programme consists of lectures and commented live cases, with a specific focus on patient journeys throughout the unit.

Participants in this programme will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss and share points of view on TAVI unit organisation
  • Debate on patient selection, contraindication, pre- and post-case preparation for an effective TAVI patient pathway
  • Share best practices and improvements to make the TAVI process more efficient
  • Review imaging and sizing of the aortic valve for an accurate choice of the TAVI prosthesis
  • Practise with experts in the cath lab with a focus ontips and tricks for procedure optimization


The course is specifically designed for senior TAVI heart teams (cardiac surgeons, interventional cardiologists, anaesthetists, nurses, etc.) who have experience of more than 100 procedures per year and want to know more advanced tips and tricks in order to optimise the TAVI patient flow throughout their institution and have better patient outcomes.

This high level course is dedicated to fast patient rotations throughout the institution, it is important to have all the implant team coming to be in contact with their local counterpart.


By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Optimise each step of patient pathway
  • Understand precise valve sizing using the latest imaging techniques
  • Correctly choose vascular access via precise anatomical and pathological patient analysis
  • Reach proficiency in performing effective and efficient implant procedure


Clinique Front


Clinique Pasteur,
Toulouse, France


Arrival on Day 1 in time for dinner; latest flight at 18.30 at Toulouse Airport.

Departure on Day 3; latest departure time at 18.00 from Toulouse Airport.


Please refer to the COURSE OFFERING iPDF for all dates.


Arrival and welcome dinner (day before).


  • Welcome, theory, objective, hospital organisation: A typical day in the TAVI unit
  • Two live cases in the morning and debriefing
  • Two live cases in the afternoon and debriefing
  • Wrap-up and social dinner


  • Arrival at the hospital
  • Two to three live cases
  • Discussion: Key learnings on the main areas each team/individual must improve
  • Wrap-up