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Medical Education Diabetes Learning Offering

Our Offering

Our diabetes learning programmes are designed to provide you with enhanced insights on Medtronic Diabetes therapies to help your patients optimize their glycemic control and quality of life.

The following aspects are at the core of our programmes:

  • Holistic and patient-centric - Considering all aspects of diabetes care (clinical, technical, emotional and financial) to optimize your patients' clinical outcomes
  • Personalized - Tailored to various roles and proficiency levels:
    • Fundamental: Basic understanding of the principles of technology and clinical benefits
    • Intermediate: Understanding of the principles, specificity of the technology and clinical benefits and CareLink™ reports
    • Advanced: Starting and following up patients with the new technology in daily practice
    • Expert: Gaining confidence with complex cases and improving efficiency with the support of KOLs
  • Flexible - Formats include face-to-face and virtual courses with Medtronic faculty and European key opinion leaders, eLearning modules, hands-on workshops, videos, and didactic resources
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MiniMed™ 780G System (7 courses)

MiniMed™ 720G System (1 course)

MiniMed™ 670G System (1 course)

Introduction to Diabetes Therapies (1 course)

T1 Diabetes & Psychology (1 course)

T1 Health & Economics (2 courses)

MiniMed™ 640G System & Guardian™ Connect System (1 course)

Congress Symposia Recordings

eMAX Diabetes

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