Medical Education Support - Registration & Login

Registration & Login

I have forgotten my password

I didn't receive an email to reset my password

  • If you started creating your Medtronic account, but you couldn’t find the activation e-mail in your inbox, you should:

    • Search for an e-mail from
    • Check your spam or junk folders in your inbox

  • If you can’t find an email from, and you still have the registration page open, press Send it again and check your inbox, spam and junk folders.

  • If you have already closed the registration page, please contact us and give us your:

    • Email address
    • First name and surname
    • Country/region

I want to change my email

  • Please use our contact form. In your message, tell us:

    • Your original email address 
    • Your new email address 
    • Your name and surname 
  • We will contact you immediately after your registration email is updated.

I want to create a Medtronic account

I see a "cannot access your account at this time" error

  • If you receive a notification saying “You cannot access your account at this time. Please contact your Security Administrator or Help Desk.”, you probably need to complete the account activation during the registration.

  • To activate your account:

    1. Go to your email and search for an email from
    2. Click on Activate Your Account.
    3. The link will have expired. You will receive the following notification:
    4. The new activation link will be sent to your email. In your inbox, find the notification from Click on Activate Your Account.
    5. You will see a page informing you about successful account activation. You will also receive an email that your Medtronic account is now active.
    6. To access your account after activation, please follow these steps.