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It all starts with an idea. Innovation is about taking that idea, nurturing it, and turning it into real-world, ground-breaking reality.

Welcome to Eureka

With you every step of the way

Too many great ideas fail to materialise because they aren't nurtured and supported. That's why Eureka is a collaborative process that brings together a team from different diciplines to identify, develop, and deliver at every step from concept.

What is Eureka?

Watch the video to find out.


Every journey begins
with the first steps

Our three-step plan has proven itself in action again and again. It's a guide for you to structure your thinking and so present your concept in the clearest and most compelling way.

Circle image of a team in surgery looking at a screen.

in action

Be inspired by other innovators who have changed the medical devices landscape, from deep brain stimulation, to the first transcatheter heart valve, to countless others.

Bringing it to life

Once we see that we can add value to your concept, we start by assigning an expert project team. They will work with you to assess its feasibility and model or prototype it. They are your team of experts who will focus on determining proof of concept and the elimination or mitigation of the most significant risks during the testing process.

In simple terms, prototyping moves the invention from a virtual concept into a physical implementation.

The best want to work with the best

Our experts are looking to work with people like you – leaders in the field. Together, we know it’s a combination that brings out the very best in us all. 
So, take the time to see who will be behind your concept when you work
with us.