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Get inspired

by your peers

Here's just a brief selection of success stories that we hope will inspire you to submit your innovation.

Profile image rectangle of lewis packwood

A self-adhesive, 3D printed sensor for monitoring the intestine

A team in Italy has devised a piezoelectric, biocompatible patch that can detect contractions of the gut and can be 3D printed as and when it’s needed.

Electrostimulation: the light approach to going wireless

An international collaboration of Austrian, Czech and Croatian researchers have demonstrated that their ultra-thin light-powered electrostimulator can stimulate nerve cells to fire.

Bio image of Theresa Rienmüller

A Microscale mesh that wraps around brain tumours

Italian researchers have created a flexible mesh to line the cavity left after removing a brain tumour, where anticancer drugs impregnated in the mesh will combat cancer resurgence.