Welcome to Medtronic Eureka, the Idea Submission Portal from Medtronic.

Over the years, inventors and physicians have fueled many of the breakthrough inventions in the medical device field that have led to improving patients’ lives worldwide, from the invention of Deep Brain Stimulation, to the first transcatheter heart valve, and countless others. Today, ideas generated by physicians remain critical to helping Medtronic fulfill our mission of bringing innovative products to improve patient care.

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Whether you have an idea that would improve an existing device in the market, or a completely new product or therapy, we want to hear from you.

As the global medical device leader, with therapies that span the spectrum of chronic disease treatment, Medtronic has the tools and experience to collaborate with inventors across a broad range of innovative ideas. We have a proven track record of bringing new products to market, by combining our research, engineering, and commercial competencies. On top of our internal expertise, we collaborate with partners to realize the full potential of new ideas.

On this portal, you can Submit Your Idea for a medical device innovation directly to Medtronic for evaluation.

If you are not currently based in Europe*, in Canada or in Middle-East and Africa**, please submit your idea to our global Innovate with Medtronic portal.

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