After a detailed evaluation based on technical, operational and strategic criteria, selected projects may proceed to a testing phase. Medtronic Eureka testing phase is a key process step: the primary objectives of testing are to demonstrate feasibility and therapy effectiveness.

Eureka Testing

Medtronic initiates the test phase by assigning an expert project team to assess the selected submitted ideas’ feasibility, and model or prototype the idea. For each selected project, the experts’ focus is upon determining proof of concept and elimination or mitigation of the most significant risks during the testing process.

In simple terms, prototyping moves the invention from a virtual concept into a physical implementation.

Depending on the invention, a prototype may or may not be necessary -- or only portions of the submitted idea may need prototyping. Regardless of the method used, prototyping and modeling are essential for learning, visualization, and idea validation.

The submitter may or may not need to be involved during the testing phase.

If the submitter is involved in collaboration with Medtronic for prototyping of his submission, a Prototype Development Agreement is established between both parties to agree on the scope of the collaboration, the roles and responsibilities and on intellectual property derived in the testing phase.