Go green with CareLinkTM 

 We reduce environmental impact by refurbishing

and re-purposing monitors. 

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact because we recognize the connection between a healthy planet and human health. Our efforts include new approaches to reduce our operational carbon footprint, cut water usage and waste, and incorporate sustainability into product design. 

When a CareLink™ monitor is no longer needed, it can be returned to be appropriately reused or recycled. Reused and recycled monitors help to conserve our limited natural resources and minimize water and air pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions caused by the production and transportation of new devices.

See how Medtronic is dedicating efforts to reduce our environmental impact

How to return CareLinkTM monitors


Patients can contact BeConnected Patient Support Service* to arrange the return of their old monitor and request a new one.


Clinics can contact Medtronic Customer Service to arrange a batch collection via the “Monitor return form”, also accessible through the CareLink™ network.

Types of monitors you can return

Carelink go green



go green carelink



Carelink go green



Monitor Return Forms

1. Download a form below based on your country and language

2. Follow the instruction indicated within the form to arrange a batch collection.


Please contact your Medtronic representative to set up monitor return and replacement support for your patients.

Patient Services may not yet be available in your country or may go by another name.