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We offer products, therapies, and services to treat more than 70 conditions in the human body.
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Integrated Health SolutionsSM

Partnering with healthcare providers to improve their organization’s efficiency and outcomes, increase patient and staff satisfaction, maximize budgets, and transform the way they deliver care.
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Avalus, proven plus

A proven value design concept adapted for excellent implantability for you and your patients

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ECLS, specifically designed product

A wide breadth of support products that can be used with patients in critical care settings.

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How does RDN help reduce high blood pressure?

Give hypertension patients a new option

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Next-generation, self-expanding transcatheter aortic valve

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evolut pro product

Better information. Better outcomes.

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The Visualase™ MRI-guided laser ablation system

The Visualase™ system allows surgeons to precisely ablate soft tissue targets in neurosurgery, including tumours or epileptic foci.

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Cardiovascular disease burden in Europe

Information on Medtech Europe Cardiovascular

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MedTech Europe

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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Treat early

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