MeVOlution: The neXt frontier of
endovascular therapy

Watch Prof. Möhlenbruch presenting early procedural experience with SolitaireTM X 3mm device in MeVO treatment


The neXt frontier

MeVOs (medium vessel occlussions) are seen as the next frontier of endovascular therapy, and we want to work and learn together with you to offer patients improved access to the best treatment options for distal occlusions.

So, let’s continue the conversation…

From our Events Calendar filled with expert-led talks, to interviews with key opinion leaders in the MeVO space and the opportunity to book a demo or live meeting with your representative – keep reading for a host of useful resources.

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AIS Neurovascular Academy

Delivering education. Inspiring excellence. Advancing patient care.

On-demand AIS education to fit around your diary.

Topics include:

  • Patient selection and technique
  • Pathway optimization
  • Service development and Health Economics

Over 5 hours of material delivered by experts

Visit the Medtronic Neurovascular Academy to access information on attending courses in an experts centre.

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LINNC Online library

We now have the first cases of Solitaire™ X 3mm published in the LINNC online case library.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Spanish Team for being the first to promote the AIS cases in LINNC online in CY2023.

Let’s take a look at the key features from the INR’s and their cases:

Product image of the 3mm Solitaire X Revascularization device

Dr. Eduardo Murias
In this case, he presents the simultaneous use of a Solitaire 6-40 and 3-20 for occlusions located in two different branches

Dr. Pierre-Julien Bruyère
Dr. Bruyere shares an experience with the use of Solitaire™ 3mm to treat a distal occlusion.

Dr. Neil Rane
Dr. Rane collected and discussed an interesting case of Secondary MeVO.

Dr. Eduardo Fandiño
In the LINNC case, Dr. Fandiño shares an experience with the use of Solitaire™ 3mm to treat a distal occlusion.

Dr. Aymeric Rouchaud
Dr. Rouchaud discusses three successful cases with the effective use of Solitaire™ 3mm.

You can view an emotional patient testimonial from one of Dr. Fandiño’s stroke patients, Julio Gonzalo.

Video library

Watch the video with prof. Marios Psychogios for more information on MeVO definition and criterias.

Watch the video with
Dr. Manuel Moreu which looks in more detail at distal vessel techniques

Watch Prof. Marc Ribo discuss about imaging MeVOs

Prof. Johan Wasselius describes how MeVOs are changing the stroke practice.

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