Streamlining the aortic sizing
and planning process

SmartPlan has already supported
3000+ cases over a 1-year period



Supporting physicians and their expertise by streamlining the aortic sizing and planning process



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SmartPlan uses a simple and unique workflow.

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SmartPlan complies with GDPR requirements.

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SmartPlan uses 3D reconstruction software to create comprehensive and detailed reports.

How SmartPlan works

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Physician creates new patient case and securely uploads and sends images through the SmartPlan remote DICOM* image transfer service.

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Medtronic remote technical expert downloads CT images from SmartPlan and performs a comprehensive assessment.

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Medtronic team finalizes the report and shares directly with the physician through a secured platform.

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Physician downloads final report and makes final treatment decision.

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Meet our team

Our Medtronic aortic sizing and planning specialists have extensive technical experience in assessing scans with varying complexity, and writing detailed reports tailored to each case. Together with our experienced multidisciplinary clinical field representatives, the SmartPlan team works together to help you and your team find a solution for each patient.




Evangelos Petsos

Aortic Sizing & Planning Specialist | 7+ years with Medtronic.


Ilaria Olla

Senior Planning and Sizing Specialist Aortic | 12+ years with Medtronic.


Melisa Yaprak

Remote Clinical Management Specialist Aortic | 3+ years with Medtronic.


Menny Raziel

Principal Planning and Sizing Specialist | 10+ years with Medtronic.

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