Optimizing efficiency in healthcare delivery

How we optimize efficiency 

Our dedicated team has combined our Lean Six Sigma efficiency expertise with our deep clinical and therapeutic experience to offer an array of solutions designed to bring the best out of your hospital and staff.



Capacity Recovery Centre

Helps hospitals quickly return to normal operations following acute waves of COVID-19



Fast-Track Cardiology Diagnostic solution 

Enables significantly faster
patient access to cardiac diagnostics and care




Optimizes resources by enabling hospitals to offer same-day discharge in a patient-friendly environment



Operational Excellence solution 

Streamlines cardiac and OR processes to increase capacity, improve operations, and more                      





Capacity Recovery Centre

Capacity Recovery Centre

A programmed approach for resuming normal hospital operations after acute waves of COVID-19.

About Capacity Recovery Centre

Following an acute wave of COVID-19 cases, Capacity Recovery Centre helps hospitals clear procedural backlogs and resume regular emergency care while reserving ICU and bed capacity. Our approach also helps hospitals transition to a “new normal” that optimizes care delivery and operations for the long term.

Our solution includes:

  • A programme management office (PMO)
  • Analysis and projection on hospital demand and resources
  • Clinical services and procedure portfolio prioritisation (planning and scheduling)
  • Financial impact modelling
  • Transition planning
A doctor wearing a mask and holding a tablet.

Benefits of Capacity Recovery Centre

A doctor standing and reviewing information on a tablet.
For the physician and care team: 
  • Frees up time to manage rescheduled patient loads
  • Prioritizes patients who need attention first
  • Syncs procedures with room and equipment availability
  • Balances workload 
A physician talking to a hospital administrator
For the hospital: 
  • Optimizes resource utilization
  • Provides a way to objectively prioritize patients
  • Provides a competitive advantage
  • Offers data-driven insights into financial and other impacts 
Patient sitting at a desk talking to a doctor.
For patients:
  • Enables faster access to needed procedures
  • Provides more dependable scheduling
  • Enables a calmer and safer care experience




The beauty of the concept is that the recommendations, supported by data and calculations, can be monitored by our own team. We are really making progress scaling up regular care!

Lead cardiologist, Large teaching hospital





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Fast-Track Cardiology Diagnostic solution 

Fast-Track Cardiology Diagnostic solution

Fast-Track Cardiology Diagnostic solution offers speedy access and quality diagnoses to cardiac patients in a single, two-hour appointment.

About Fast-Track Cardiology Diagnostic solution 

Our Fast-Track Diagnostic solution reduces what is typically a months-long and multiple-appointment diagnostic journey into a nearly immediate diagnosis experience for cardiac patients in an outpatient setting.


A  female doctor reviewing something on a tablet with a patient.

Benefits of Fast-Track Cardiology Diagnostic solution

A man sitting at home on a laptop with a dog on a sofa behind him.
Patients benefits:
  • Lowers frustration and anxiety waiting for access and diagnosis
  • Avoids unnecessary hospital visits and excess time spent in hospital 
A female doctor sitting at a desk smiling
Referring physician benefits: 
  • Reduces patient health deterioration while waiting
  • Provides consistent communication of diagnostics
  • Hands back patients when there is a negative diagnosis
Four nurses gathered around a front desk talking.
Treatment centre benefits:
  • Enables correctly diagnosed, well-prepared and procedure-ready patients
  • Reduces COVID-19 contamination risk due to outpatient setting for diagnosis
  • Reduces or eliminates patient waiting lists


A man with a badge sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of him
Payer benefits:
  • Lowers diagnostic costs
  • Enables premium patient service within regular reimbursement
  • Reduces ER admissions
  • Eliminates overtreatment



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Cardiolounge enables hospitals to offer select cardiac and other interventions in a safe, comfortable, patient-centric environment.

 About Cardiolounge

Cardiolounge gives hospitals a patient-friendly way to offer same-day discharge for select cardiac or other interventions. Through our project and change-management and other expertise, we transform traditional day wards into a soothing, patient-centric lounge that replaces beds with reclining chairs. 

Our turnkey solution enables:

  • Transformation of traditional day wards to cutting-edge patient-centric CardioLounges
  • Implementation of safe and efficient operations
  • Implementation of clinical protocols
  • Implementation of a digital patient engagement app
  • Project and change management to drive project success
  • Access to best-practices and benchmarks


A doctor looking at the camera and holding a tablet

Benefits of Cardiolounge

A patient sitting on a sofa and smiling
Benefits for patients: 
  • Enables their return home the same day of procedure
  • Creates an environment that feels less like a hospital
  • Promotes faster convalescence after procedures
  • Provides a comfortable and reassuring atmosphere 
A nurse holding a laptop and showing a surgeon an image on the screen
Benefits for hospitals and staff:
  • Frees up cardiac intervention beds
  • Reduces admission times
  • Lowers resource usage
  • Enables more predicable working hours and less overtime
  • Creates positive reputational impact 




I was so worried before coming to the hospital, but the CardioLounge is so welcoming and the relaxing atmosphere calms me down.

Patient in CardioLounge

I never thought it was possible, but the Cardiolounge was finished on time. It exceeds all expectations, both patients and staff are happy, and it ensures and supports a great patient experience.

Head of Cardiology Department at University Hospital



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Operational Excellence (OPEX) solution

Operational Excellence (OPEX) solution 

Our OPEX solution enables organizations to achieve operational excellence and greater staff and patient satisfaction by streamlining and optimizing processes.

About OPEX solution 

Our OPEX solution helps hospitals streamline their cardiac services and OR operations, leading to increased capacity, savings, and a more engaged staff. Our solution includes several phases that help you assess performance, benchmark against your peers, improve processes, and create sustainable change for ongoing improvement. 


A smiling male doctor sitting at his desk with a laptop in front of him.

Benefits of OPEX solution 

Two doctors standing in a corridor reviewing something on a tablet
Benefits for hospitals and staff:
  • Increases uptime and utilization
  • Improves capacity
  • Enables greater staff productivity and satisfaction
  • Creates ability to do more with the same budget 
A patient sitting on a table getting her blood pressure checked by a doctor.
Benefits for patients:
  • Increases patient satisfaction through greater on-time starts and fewer cancellations
  • Improves access to care
  • Provides for more face time with physician





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