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Overview of eBusiness

At Medtronic Europe


Increase efficiencies and reduce costs through the two eBusiness channels that Medtronic offers to customers:

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) provides a fully integrated order-to-invoice experience
  • Medtronic Connect gives you secure, 24-7 access to place orders, check price & availability, view order history, track packages, download invoice copies & delivery notes, register devices, and more.

These safe and secure channels work together to simplify, automate, and standardize the order management and supply chain process from start to finish. The ERP system integration enabled with EDI, along with the ordering and inquiry functionality provided by Medtronic Connect, can greatly improve the cost effectiveness of your organization.

EDI: Reduce Costs with Transactional and Operational Automation

EDI allows you to interact directly through your existing ERP system, seamlessly integrated with Medtronic to:

  • Place orders through existing ERP system
  • Send item, quantity and shipping details (in the order)
  • Receive automated confirmations back into your ERP system
  • Receive ship notifications when product ships directly into your ERP system, allowing you to proactively staff for receipt and plan for procedures
  • Receive automatic receipts of invoices directly into your ERP system for payment

View supported EDI transations, EDI service providers, and EDI standards and protocols used at Medtronic.

Medtronic Connect: Save Time and Increase Efficiencies

Medtronic Connect gives you secure, 24x7 access to quickly and conveniently:

  • Place orders
  • Creation of a wishlist and re-order functionality
  • Order Creation from Excel uploads
  • Check price 
  • View order history
  • Track shipments or obtain proof of delivery
  • Download invoice copies
  • Browse our catalog
  • Receive automated confirmations & email alerts

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