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Mirro MRI

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs) for Tachyarrhythmia Management

Unmatched MRI Access

Mirro MRI™ ICD is approved for use in the MR environment, when MR conditions for use are met. MRI SureScan™ devices have simple scanning conditions, including:

  • No MRI exclusion zone
  • SureScan devices and leads work in any combination
  • 1.5T and 3T full body scanning across the portfolio

Shock Reduction

Lead Integrity Alert vs. Lead Impedance Monitoring only

Lead Integrity Alert

Lead Integrity Alert (LIA) is designed to provide advance warning for lead fracture and reduce the patient’s risk of inappropriate shocks.

72% of patients monitored by LIA either did not receive an inappropriate shock or had at least a 3-day warning before being shocked, compared to 50% of patients monitored by lead impedance only.1

In addition, LIA detected more lead issues than lead impedance monitoring alone with St. Jude Medical Riata™* and Durata®* leads, and Boston Scientific Endotak leads.2

39% reduction in appropriate but unnecessary therapies when VF NID = 30/40

Longer Nominal VF NID*

ADVANCE III found that the use of a longer NID (VF NID = 30/40) yielded a 39% reduction in appropriate but unnecessary therapies compared to a shorter detection interval (VF NID = 18/24).3

ATP During Charging™, in addition to VF NID = 30/40, resulted in another 52% reduction in unnecessary shocks.3

Mirro MRI ICD combines our exclusive ATP Before and During Charging with a long detection interval to minimise shocks.4

*Number of intervals to detect

Improved Longevity

20% increased longevity compared to Protecta™ ICD with a new battery, new capacitors, and enhanced circuit efficiencies.4-7

Chart comparing Protecta ICD longevity to Mirro MRI ICD longevity.


Device Model Number(s)

Mirro MRI Single Chamber

  • DVME3D4
  • DVME3D1

Mirro MRI Dual Chamber

  • DDME3D4
  • DDME3D1

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