Surgeon using StealthStation S8

NEUROSURGERY NAVIGATION StealthStation™ S8 Surgical Navigation System

The StealthStation™ S8 surgical navigation system has an intuitive interface, improved patient registration software, and advanced visualization to navigate neurosurgery procedures. The system offers optical and Electromagnetic (EM) tracking capabilities, and integrates with external devices like microscopes, ultrasound, and a broad array of Medtronic instruments. Explore the capabilities, applications, and technology of this powerful surgical technology.



Efficient, customizable procedural workflows

  • Customized surgeon preferences and procedural workflows allow for a more efficient software experience
  • Multi-touch enabled interactions similar to common consumer devices make the software easy to learn and easy to use
  • Flexible patient registration enables you to combine both touch and trace techniques and allows you to refine your registration
StealthStation S8 software image one


25+ years of experience in surgical navigation

  • 3.5 million patients have been treated with Stealthstation™
  • 3rd generation of EM navigation technology provides proven accuracy for pinless procedures
  • Quantifiable accuracy metrics provide information on the quality of registration, giving you the confidence expect from Stealth™
StealthStation S8 software image two

Simple and fast

Simplified patient registration

  • Simplified patient registration automatically detects fiducials, eliminating the need to manually pick registration points, making registrations faster than other StealthStation™ solutions
  • Registration options accommodate fiducial and non-fiducial based patient registration, including automatic registration with the O-arm™ Imaging System
StealthStation S8 software image three


Your partner in every step of the procedure

Our SurgicalSynergy program is offering hospitals complete solutions for the entire surgery. We can leverage synergies that will help transform the surgical experience, drive better clinical outcomes, and enhance economic value. StealthStation™ S8 Cranial Solution is your hub for enabling technologies, transforming complex data into useful information.

StealthStation S8 software image four


StealthStation S8 EM navigation is a pinless option to optical navigation. EM navigation tools include a tip-tracked stylet, patient trackers, and malleable suction instruments.

StealthStation EM is configured with a single cart or dual carts and a compact instrument interface box. There are two emitter options, both with a large tracking volume.

Flat Emitter for StealthStation EM
The flat emitter is designed to be placed under the patient’s head.
Flat Emitter for StealthStation EM

Side-Mount Emitter for StealthStation EM
The side-mount emitter offers broad positioning options. It has a small footprint and mounts on the side of the cart or bedrail.
Side-Mount Emitter for StealthStation EM

The StealthStation EM stylet aids placement of compatible devices including:

  • Ventricular catheters for adult and pediatric shunts , connections to Omaya reservoirs, and hematoma drainage
  • VentriClear™ external ventricular drainage catheters
  • Neuro endoscope peel-away catheters
  • Epilepsy depth electrodes

StealthStation EM patient trackers are MRI Conditional, improving workflow during intra-operative MRI cases. Choose a skull-mounted or non-invasive model.

The suction instruments have Stealth EM technology in the tip. Simply bend the instrument as necessary and continue operating. Choose a standard, ball, or angled tip.

StealthStation EM Flexible Stylet
Navigate the StealthStation EM stylet with compatible devices.
StealthStation EM Flexible Stylet

StealthStation EM Stylet with External Ventricular Drainage Catheter
Use the EM stylet to place a VentriClear External ventricular drainage catheter.
StealthStation EM Stylet with External Ventricular Drainage Catheter

StealthStation EM Stylet with Introducer Catheter
Use the EM stylet to place a peel-away introducer catheter.
StealthStation EM Stylet with Introducer Catheter

StealthStation EM Non-invasive Patient Tracker

StealthStation EM Non-invasive Patient Tracker

StealthStation EM Skull-Mounted Patient Tracker

StealthStation EM Skull-Mounted Patient Tracker

Stealth Integration in the OR

Your Hub for Surgical Knowledge
StealthStation S8 Navigation System can integrate each technology and transform complex data into useful information.


The O-arm surgical imaging system provides real-time, intra-operative imaging of devices such as DBS leads, microelectrodes, depth electrodes and biopsy needles.

Close with Confidence
Confirm that you achieved the surgical goal by combining O-arm 3-D imaging with image fusion on the StealthStation. The example shows a deep brain stimulation procedure.

Example of a deep-brain stimulation procedure


See StealthStation images on the heads-up display through microscope oculars while maintaining visualization of the anatomy.

  • Navigate the microscope's focal point like a virtual probe
  • Know where you are in respect to your surgical plan at all times
  • Integrate with Leica and Carl Zeiss microscopes


Integrating ultrasound data intra-operatively with your StealthStation navigation system may help you monitor for brain shift. Integration is simple:

  • Connect the ultrasound device and Stealth system
  • Calibrate the ultrasound probe for navigation
  • Review brain shift and resection levels

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