Infinity OCT System  Simplifying Complex Posterior Cervical Fusion Procedures 

You can rely on the versatility and utility of Infinity™ OCT System to simplify even the most complex of procedures. 

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Efficiency* Plus Refinement 

The Infinity Occipitocervical-Upper Thoracic (OCT) System combines a complete platform refresh of the core implants and instruments with a full suite of enabling solutions and streamlined surgical technique. It brings procedural efficiency* to all of your posterior cervical fusion procedures. Because posterior cervical  should be easier.

Infinity OCT

Fully enabled procedures for your posterior cervical fusion cases


Because posterior cervical should be easier.


Implant Icon

Implants for easy construct connections

Instrument icon

The right tools for small spaces

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Fully enabled procedures

Image of Multi Axial screws

Multi-Axial Screw

Up to 60⁰ of angulation in ANY direction
Image of full spectrum of rods with 3.5mm pre cut bent rod available in Titanium and Chromaloy plus

Full Spectrum of Rod Diameters and Materials

Accommodating various spinal applications and construction demands
  • UNiD™ Patient-Specific OCT rods are also available, in 3.5mm diameter and in Titanium or Cobalt Chromium†
Graphic of Rods , Screws and Plates

Versatility at the Junctions

Simplifying the complex with seamless transitions

  • Multiple OC fixation options and OC rods, including UNiD Patient-Specific OCT rods†
  • Complete range of connectors for the cervico-thoracic junction
  • Cervico-thoracic transition rods, including UNiD Patient-Specific OCT rods with dual diameter†
Crosslink Connector, integrated connector set screw, and locking set screw

Optimized Connecting Components

Simplifying the complex with seamless transitions 

Versatility with simplified assembly

Grpahic of Drill Guides in Various sizes

The Right Tools For Small Spaces 

 Designed for the posterior cervical and upper thoracic working space. 

  • Improved visibility and line-of-sight with reduced length and lower profile instrument designs*
  • Multiple screwdriver options with improved driver/screw engagement*
  • Efficiency and functionality built into taps, rod reducers, and rod benders*
  • Enhanced final tightening experience*
  • Expanded set of tools designed to address the challenging anatomy of the occipitocervical junction*
Navigated drill guide, taps, and driver integrated with the PowerEase system

Refined Navigated Instruments  

Designed to streamline your procedures by eliminating certain intraoperative steps and improve accuracy

  • Designed for the posterior cervical-upper thoracic working space*
  • Reduced length and profile for improved line of sight and closer position to anatomy*
  • Drill guide with NavLock™ Positioner for efficiency in holding the NavLock Tracker*
Navigated drill guide, taps, and driver integrated with the PowerEase system

Powerease Compatible 

Navigated drills, taps, and drivers integrated with Powerease™ system

Images of Mastergraft strips and Putty and Grafton strips and putty

Grafton DBM (Demineralized Bone Matrix) products are human tissue products intended for human application and are only available in a limited number of EU countries.

Biologics that Empower

Biologic solutions for short and long constructs.

For additional information on Grafton™ and Mastergraft™ please contact your local Medtronic Representative

Monitor and sensors for the early warning detection system

Nim Integration

Compatibility with the NIM-ECLIPSE system, which provides real-time intraoperative monitoring to provide immediate warning of potential harm to critical neural pathways.

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See the technical manual for detailed information regarding the instructions for use, indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and potential adverse events. Find this technical manual in the Medtronic Manual Library or in the product labeling supplied with each device. 


As compared to Vertex Select™ Reconstruction System.

UNiD™ Patient-Specific OCT rods are not indicated for deformity and advanced stage tumor. UNiD rods are registered under different Notified Body