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Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

Diversity Networks & ERGs

Networks and groups foster belonging for employees and support initiatives for a more inclusive Medtronic.

Diversity Networks and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) often begin as platforms for inclusion — to create space for employees to connect based on shared identities. But our Diversity Networks and ERGs do even more. They help model inclusion and diversity and, through unique partnerships and volunteer efforts, help amplify our impact in communities.

Group of Medtronic employees

Hispanic Latino Network colleagues from across the United States gathered in Minneapolis for the annual Efficacy Training Program in 2019.

Diversity Networks give employees from underrepresented populations a voice and pave a path toward advocacy, exposure, development, and change empowerment. Our CEO and a sponsor from our Executive Committee select a chairperson(s) to oversee each Network. This approach ensures a visible and vocal presence at the top of the organization for our Networks and employee resource groups (ERGs).

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ERGs represent both local hubs of our Networks and additional shared-identity groups at Medtronic. With more than 26,000 members across 70 countries, these grassroots, employee-led groups help recruit diverse talent and foster belonging within their particular community. Each group works with allies and partners to advance inclusion, diversity, and equity efforts.

A sampling of ERGs that are empowering change across the company include:

  • ABLED (Awareness Benefiting Leadership & Employees About Disabilities)
  • Christian Employee Resource Group
  • Medtronic Jewish Community
  • Medtronic Young Professionals
  • Muslims and Friends
A group of people on stage at an AIM Signature Event

A panel discussion on diversity and representation in the media at the 2018 AIM Signature Event in Los Angeles, California

Our five Diversity Networks — African Descent Network (ADN), Asian Impact@Medtronic (AIM) Network, Hispanic Latino Network (HLN), Medtronic Women’s Network (MWN), and PRIDE Network — create opportunities for shared identity groups and allies to empower change. Take Martha Ha.

When Martha was invited to join the AIM, she had just started with Medtronic and was unsure if her participation would have any meaningful impact. What were AIM’s vision and strategic priorities? How did the membership view AIM? As she became more involved and was selected to co-chair AIM, Martha began to understand the AIM Network’s true capabilities. She realized she had an opportunity to mentor and advocate for inclusion and diversity.

Accepting more, embracing more, collaborating more

Diversity Networks and ERGs continue to expand. Not only are they growing, they’re becoming even more inclusive by sharing best practices with one another; collaborating to advance a common goal of equity; and elevating our overall focus on inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Audience laughing at a conference

Attendees at the annual Medtronic Women’s Network signature event

Every year, new local ERGs emerge, and more allies join Diversity Networks, building a deeper, wider understanding and empowering change in our communities. In just five years, the Medtronic Women’s Network has grown five times its original size, with members joining from around the world. Our Diversity Networks are always looking for more intentional opportunities to increase allyship and intersectionality.

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When we started the PRIDE Network, there were about 14 local LGBTQ+ hubs with 1,200 employees. Now we’re at over 3,600 members across 19 hubs globally, and we’re truly creating a visible global community.”

–Shawn Monaghan, PRIDE Network Chair, VP, Customer Experience and Business Transformation, Americas
A photo of PRIDE Network Chair, Shawn Monaghan

Allyship at Medtronic

Our Diversity Networks are open to all employees. Allies join our Networks and play a critical role: 

  • Medtronic Women’s Network (MWN) has an ally group called Men Advocating Equity, where men listen and learn about women’s issues, support women based on what they say they need from allies, and help mitigate behaviors and practices that put women at a disadvantage in the workplace.

  • Following protests over racial injustice in 2020, our Bay Area African Descent Network (ADN) hub saw a 310% increase in membership — from all backgrounds. New members quickly accepted the ADN’s challenge to learn more about the social issues facing Black Americans and to be open to new perspectives. Many new members joined and volunteered for event-planning committees, further demonstrating genuine allyship. 
Medtronic employees with rainbow flags

Intentional intersectionality 

Race, ethnicity, and gender are inextricably linked. Each of us can identify with multiple groups at once. We celebrate these intersections and make sure our employees don’t feel the pressure to “choose” one of their identities over another.

  • Medtronic Women’s Network (MWN) actively recruits leaders from other Networks to make sure the MWN leadership team represents all women.

  • The PRIDE Network collaborated with Out & Equal, an organization working on LGBTQ workplace equality, to offer webinars on intersectional allyship, and local PRIDE hubs codevelop educational programming with other local ERGs to emphasize intersectional identities within the LGBTQ+ community and among allies.

Promoting diverse leadership

Joining Diversity Networks and ERGs is an opportunity to network with peers, managers, and other divisions of the company. From VPs to new hires, manufacturing to HR, members are given a unique (and influential) audience to build and execute cross-functional teams and projects.

The LIFT program, concepted and piloted by the African Descent Network (ADN), selects high-potential Black talent for a comprehensive sponsorship program, creating a sought-after pipeline of talent. 

Medtronic employees gathered for first ADN Life Cohort

The first ADN LIFT cohort gathered in 2017. The program was so successful that other Diversity Networks have developed similar programs

Through coaching, classes, and a capstone business-case project, the nine-month program builds emerging mid-career talent into strong business leaders. Because the model was so successful, the Hispanic Latino Network (HLN) implemented the program for its members; 25% of the people in the first HLN LIFT cohort got a promotion or development opportunity while in the program. Our recent Asian Impact@Medtronic Network (AIM) and Women in Sales cohorts are on track to see similar success.

Diversity Networks and ERGs are expanding efforts to show solidarity, support diverse communities, and empower change — even beyond Medtronic.


  • July 2020: The African Descent Network (ADN) supported a companywide day of action to address racial inequities, where employees in 24 countries contributed more than 3,800 volunteer hours.

  • 2020-21: When COVID-19 magnified health disparities facing Black and Brown people, the Hispanic Latino Network (HLN) helped champion a steering committee to focus on addressing gaps in chronic diseases — such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, and obesity — through representation, interventions in the care pathway, and advocacy for technology access.

  • February 2021: The PRIDE Network hosted a companywide #LoveisLove campaign surrounding Valentine’s Day and reached externally through Medtronic social-media engagement. 

  • February 2021: Medtronic Women’s Network (MWN) and the African Descent Network (ADN) joined forces to raise awareness of women’s heart health and advocacy. Leveraging the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign, the networks developed an internal, international campaign that included information sessions, panel discussions, patient stories, and local hub events. 

  • March 2021: In the wake of anti-Asian violence, network leaders offered listening sessions and resources in solidarity with the Asian community.

An unwavering commitment to greater change

When leaders and employees bring their authentic selves to work, and we learn from each other’s different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, we help accelerate the delivery of our Mission, both locally and globally. Diversity Networks and ERGs supercharge that effort.

No matter a person’s background, each group is empowering change and presenting opportunities to learn, reflect, and act. In this culture of belonging, employees come together as mentors, advocates, and allies to drive our company and our communities toward a more equitable future. Working as one, we are stronger together.

Medtronic employees gathered as part of the African Descent Network

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