IN.PACTTM AdmiralTM** continues to demonstrate long-term clinical outcomes, even in patients considered to be at high risk of restenosis and repeat interventions.


  • 74.5% IN.PACT SFA Trial1
  • 58.0% IN.PACT Global ISR Cohort2
  • 67.3% IN.PACT Global Long Lesion Cohort2
  • 69.8% IN.PACT Global CTO Cohort2

Proven formulation

The IN.PACTTM AdmiralTM DCB** features a proprietary FreePac™ coating solution that allows for the release of drug into the tissue through the restenotic window.
IN.PACTTM AdmiralTM DCB** provides 180 days of drug in tissue.§3
graph inpact

We have extended our DCB range

Introducing new longer lengths to our IN.PACTTM AdmiralTM** Drug-Coated Balloon range, to give you more options for treatment of longer, complex lesions. 
Clinical performance
  • Highest primary patency91.1%8
  • Mean Lesion length 26cm

Watch Dr. Ehrin Armstrong speak about the benefits and clinical evidence to support IN.PACT™ Admiral™** as his DCB of choice.
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Meet Robert Canterbury, who was diagnosed with peripheral artery disease (PAD), and see how IN.PACT Admiral DCB helped get him back on his feet.
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One proven formulation, two platforms for SFA treatment.

With 0.035” and 0.018” guidewire compatibility.

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*Third-party brands are trademarks of their respective owners.
** The approved product name for the drug-coated balloon is IN.PACT™ Admiral™ Paclitaxel-coated PTA Balloon Catheter.
† Primary patency not assessed after three years.
‡ Data on file UC202013694cEE at Medtronic.
§ Data comes from different individual studies and may differ in a head-to-head comparison, and therefore may not be predictive of clinical results.



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Based on clinical data for drug-coated balloons indicated to treat long SFA lesions (>180 mm): compared to Lutonix™* IFU BAW1387400r3. Per Stellarex™* IFU P011966-B, Stellarex is not indicated to treat lesions longer than 180 mm. Definitions of patency and lesion length may vary for different studies.


The IN.PACT Global Study Long Lesion Imaging Cohort D. Scheinert Circulation 2018.