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Heart devices - patient facing animations

Patient Video: What is an ICD - (02:52)

Patient Video: What is Aurora EV-ICD - (02:54)

Patient Video: How Does An ICD Work? - (01:12)

Patient Video: What Is Tachycardia - (02:35)

Patient Video: What Is Sudden Cardiac Arrest SCA - (03:29)

Heart Failure devices improve and extend lives animation - (02:28)

Patient ICD animation

Patient CRT Animation

What is heart failure?

Instructional videos

Remote monitoring video

Connecting MyCareLink Relay - (02:23)

MyCareLink set up video - (02:49)

My CareLink Heart mobile app download and set-up instructions - (04:23)

MyCareLink Smart set up video - (04:28)

Watch this animation to learn what is an ICM and what to expect from the insertion procedure and daily living - (02:08)

Reveal LINQ and LINQ II Insertable Cardiac Monitoring (ICM) system videos

LINQ II Intro video - (02:15)

Introducing the Reveal LINQ system - (03:27)

LINQ II & MyCareLink Heart app video - (03:28)

Getting started with the Reveal LINQ - (05:34)

Living with the Reveal LINQ system - (03:57)

LINQII and its remote monitoring options - (02:50)

LINQ II & MyCareLink Relay video - (03:42)

How does an ICM work? - (01:44)

Introduction LINQ II - (02:15)

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