SureScan CRT Systems MRI Access


  • 1.5T and 3T full body MRI scanning for all SureScan™ CRT systems
  • SureScan devices and leads work in any combination
SureScan CRT-Ds Model Numbers
Amplia MRI CRT-D

Amplia MRI™ CRT-D*

  • IS4/DF4: DTMB2QQ
  • IS4/DF-1: DTMB2Q1
  • IS-1/DF4: DTMB2D4
  • IS-1/DF-1: DTMB2D1
Claria MRI CRT-D

Claria MRI™ CRT-D*

  • IS4/DF4: DTMA2QQ
  • IS-1/DF4: DTMA2D4
  • IS4/DF-1: DTMA2Q1
  • IS-1/DF-1: DTMA2D1
Compia MRI™ CRT-D*

Compia MRI™ CRT-D*

  • IS4/DF4: DTMC2QQ
  • IS-1/DF4: DTMC2D4 
  • IS-1/DF-1: DTMC2D1
SureScan CRT-Ps Model Numbers
Percepta Quad CRT-P device image.

Percepta™ CRT-P MRI SureScan™*

  • IS4: W4TR04
  • IS-1: W1TR04
Serena Quad CRT-P MRI device

Serena™ CRT-P MRI SureScan™*

  • IS4: W4TR05
  • IS-1: W1TR05
Solara Quad CRT-P device image.

Solara™ CRT-P MRI SureScan™*

  • IS4: W4TR06
  • IS-1: W1TR01
SureScan CRT-D Leads Model Number (length)
Attain™ Performa™ S MRI

Attain™ Performa™ S MRI

  • 4598 (78, 88 cm)
Attain Performa S

Attain Performa Straight MRI

  • 4398 (78, 88 cm)
Attain Ability™ Straight MRI

Attain Performa MRI

  • 4298 (78, 88 cm)
Attain Ability™ Straight MRI

Attain Ability™ Straight MRI

  • 4396 (78, 88 cm)
Attain Ability Plus MRI

Attain Ability Plus MRI

  • 4296 (78, 88 cm)
Attain Ability MRI

Attain Ability MRI

  • 4196 (78, 88 cm)
Attain Stability 4796

Attain Stability™

  • 4796 (88 cm)
Attain Stability Quad 4798

Attain Stability Quad™

  • 4798 (78, 88 cm)
  • View a listing of pacing leads approved for use with Medtronic MR-conditional
    CRT systems.
  • View a listing of defibrillator leads approved for use with Medtronic MR-conditional CRT-Ds.

Pin plug accessory (Model 6725) may be used as part of the MRI CRT SureScan systems in place of a right atrial lead. The pin plug is MR Conditional only when used with these systems.