Radiofrequency (RF) Ablation Catheters

Cardiac Ablation for Non-AF Arrhythmias


Medtronic radiofrequency (RF) ablation catheters are single-use catheters designed to deliver RF energy to cardiac tissues during ablation procedures. With a wide portfolio offering, they include multi-curve options and lateral deflection features to address the needs of diverse anatomies.

  • User friendly, single-use catheters to deliver RF energy
  • Available in a variety of curvature and sizing options
  • Lateral deflection features to address needs of diverse anatomies


RF Marinr UNIPOLAR Steerable ablation Catheter

RF Marinr MC ablation catheter

The RF Marinr™ MC catheter's multi-curve technology provides variable curve sizes and reach in one catheter. The curve adjusts from a small tight curve to a larger reach. Incremental lateral deflection may increase maneuverability within the heart, and side-to-side tip rotation may aid placement in varied anatomies.


5 Fr RF Marinr Steerable Catheter

5 Fr RF Marinr ablation catheter

The 5 Fr RF Marinr™ catheters are single-use catheters that deliver RF energy and are available in a variety of curvature and sizing options. They have lateral deflection features to address the needs of diverse anatomies.


RF Contactr STEERABLE Ablation Catheter

RF Contactr ablation catheter

The RF Contactr™ ablation catheters have dual-curve technology with independently controlled proximal and distal curves. The distal curve angle deflects 90 degrees. They are available in a 5 mm/8 Fr tip electrode. The incremental lateral deflection provides out-of-plane tip movement and side-to-side rotation.


RF Enhancr II Steerable Ablation Catheter

RF Enhancr II ablation catheter

The RF Enhancr™ II catheter's gear mechanism provides smooth and immediate curve actuation with adjustable tension control to hold the tip section firmly in the selected position. There are options of 45, 55 and 65 mm curve reaches for a range of procedural applications. They are designed to reduce hand fatigue and enhance one-handed operation.


RF Conductr steerable ablation Catheter

RF Conductr MC ablation catheter

The RF Conductr™ MC catheter is available with 4 mm and 5 mm tip electrodes. One central thermocouple simplifies temperature monitoring and eliminates temperature averaging. They come with bi-directional tip deflection (pull or push) with side-to-side tip adjustments. The adjustable curve radius reduces the need to change catheters.