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More Options for More Patients​

Healthcare professionals today are faced with more patients to treat, more complex arrhythmias, widespread resource constraints and the need to bring cost-effective innovations to reduce cost burden. Medtronic’s versatile and efficient solutions in cardiac ablation are tailored to help respond to these challenges.​

With single shot, wide area focal and focal capabilities, Medtronic’s solutions are designed to meet the needs of different patients with complex arrhythmias. ​

The complete portfolio includes the below range of catheters that deliver cryoablation, radiofrequency ablation and pulsed field ablation energies.​

Anatomical catheters​

Arctic Front™ Cardiac Cryoablation catheter family – Simple, safe and effective PVI solution1​ (including recently CE Marked Nitron CryoConsole™ Cardiac Cryoablation System and FlexCath Contour™ Steerable Sheath)

PulseSelect™ anatomical pulsed field ablation system​

Wide area focal catheter​

Affera™ Mapping and Ablation System – All-in-one solution to map, ablate and validate​

Focal catheters​​

Diamond Temp™ - Real-time, temperature-controlled ablation​

Freezor™ family of cardiac cryoablation catheters – the only cryo energy focal catheters ​

Innovations to enable further workflow efficiencies ​

FlexCath Cross™ 
Zero exchange transseptal workflow

EP-TRACER™ - Unlock EP lab space

More Efficiency to Address Healthcare Resource Constraints​

Medtronic’s cardiac ablation solutions streamline procedures and reduce their complexity. Straightforward, simple and safe tools help gain time back, create more capacity and save resources. ​

Streamline Arctic Front™ Advance™ Cryoballoon procedures: ​

  • Increase procedure capacity with learnings from the Arctic Front ™ Optimization Course
  • Unlock underutilized EP lab space with a mobile and portable EP recording system, the EP-TRACER
  • Streamline your workflow with a zero exchange transseptal workflow: AcQcross™
  • Consider a same-day discharge model for your Cryoballoon ablation procedures​

More Evidence for Better Patient Outcomes ​

  • 1,800+ peer reviewed articles​
  • 10+ years of PFA research​
  • ​20,000+patients enrolled in completed EU trials

Medtronic’s focus on generating robust pre-clinical and clinical evidence ensures the best outcomes for patients living with complex arrhythmias. ​

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Chun KRJ, et al. Safety and efficacy of cryoballoon ablation for the treatment of paroxysmal and persistent AF in a real-world global setting: Results from the Cryo AF Global Registry; J Arrhythm. 2021 Jan 25;37(2):356-367. ​

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