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CardioInsight Workstation


The CardioInsight™ Workstation takes the ECG signals collected by the CardioInsight™ Mapping Vest and combines them with CT scan data to produce and display simultaneous, bi-atrial and biventricular, 3-D cardiac maps.  The workstation and the vest function together as the CardioInsight™ Noninvasive 3D Mapping System.

Product Details

The system is designed to non-invasively generate images of the electrical activity of the heart by combining body surface electrical data with 3-D anatomical data. The system then reconstructs and displays 3-D maps and other useful measures of cardiac electrical activity. CardioInsight software can record fibrillatory, infrequent, or unstable arrhythmias.

  • Virtual Electrograms  Interactive updates and unipolar electrogram display as cursor is moved over heart
  • Phase Map*  Phase of cardiac signals at every point on the heart surface
  • Composite Map*  Displays all focal and rotational detections from the selected phase maps on one composite map
  • Potential Map  Electrical potentials in mV at every point on heart or torso surface
  • Activation Map  (Includes directional activation) Activation time, in ms, at each point in time on heart surface
  • Propagation Map  Animated activation map
  • Voltage Map  Magnitude of unipolar electrograms at each site displayed
  • Slew Rate Map  mV/ms; displays of magnitude of maximum negative derivative values of unipolar ECGs at each site

For full instructions for use, refer to the workstation operator's manual.

For more detailed product information about the CardioInsight Mapping Vest, including specs, visit Medtronic Academy.



Disorganized rhythms with continuous activation seen in AF or VF

The clinical significance of solely utilizing phase maps to classify arrhythmia mechanisms has not been validated by clinical investigations.