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Amplia MRI

Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy Defibrillators (CRT-Ds) for Heart Failure Management


MRI Access + CRT-D Technology Options

Amplia MRI™ combines MRI access with CRT-D technology options. It has a 6-year warranty and comes in quad and non-quad models. The quad models feature:

  • MRI SureScan™ Technology
  • AdaptivCRT™ Algorithm
  • Attain™ Performa™ Advanced Quadripolar Lead and VectorExpress™ LV Automated Test
  • Multiple point pacing
  • SmartShock™ 2.0 Technology
  • PhysioCurve™ Design
  • OptiVol 2.0 Fluid Status Monitoring

The non-quad models feature:

  • MRI SureScan Technology
  • AdaptivCRT Algorithm
  • SmartShock 2.0 Technology
  • PhysioCurve Design
  • OptiVol 2.0 Fluid Status Monitoring