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Tri-Ad™ 2.0 Adams Annuloplasty Ring

Surgical Valve Repair


2-in-1 Tricuspid Remodeling

The Tri-Ad™ 2.0 Adams tricuspid band allows the annulus to move throughout the cardiac cycle.

Now you can repair annular dilatation preserving 3D motion during the cardiac cycle, while providing free wall support and remodeling.


The Tri-Ad™ 2.0 tricuspid band is indicated for the reconstruction or remodeling of pathological tricuspid valves. The band provides support for and restricts expansion of the tricuspid annulus.

Product Details


The wide open antero-septal aspect helps reduce the risk of potential conduction problems.

Tri-Ad 2.0 illustration callout


Tri-Ad 2.0 Holder
  • End-to-end support with full edge accessibility for suturing
  • High-visibility white with clearly marked implant size
  • Visible semi-saddle aspect to accommodate the tricuspid annulus saddle
  • Two prominent cut points that are easily visible and accessible


Tri-Ad 2.0 Sizer
  • Transparent with product pictogram for visualization of coverage and orientation
  • Available in six sizes: 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, and 36 mm
  • Added commissural recesses that are designed to avoid snagging of sutures
  • Hole to facilitate use of a suture tag


Tri-Ad 2.0 Handle
  • Available in three lengths
  • Securely attaches to sizer and holder
  • Semi-malleable stem to accommodate varying anatomies

The Tri-Ad™ Adams annuloplasty ring offers the following benefits:

  • Design adapts to the three-dimensional geometry of the tricuspid valve in systole and diastole
  • Braided sewing ring construction provides smooth needle penetration and prevents bunching for easy implantation
  • A semi-rigid segment is supported by soft, flexible segments for suturing delicate tissue

Model Specifications

Tri-Ad™ 2.0 Adams Tricupsid Annuloplasty Band, Model 900SFC

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