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Annuloplasty Systems

SimuForm Annuloplasty Ring

SimuForm ring on white background

The SimuForm™ ring provides semi-rigid posterior remodeling while offering a flexible anterior portion to accommodate motion.


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SimuPlus ring and band on white background
The SimuPlus™ ring and band are made of flexible braided polyester, allowing them to support natural annular motion during mitral or tricuspid valve repair. Product Details

Contour 3D Annuloplasty Ring

Contour 3D

The Contour 3D™ remodeling ring is anatomically shaped. Design is based on CT data from functional human tricuspid valves.


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CG Future Annuloplasty Ring and Band

CG Future

The CG Future™ is an annuloplasty system for mitral valve repair, designed to predictably remodel the annulus to maintain apposition of the anterior and posterior leaflets.


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Profile 3D Annuloplasty Ring and Band

Profile 3D

The Profile 3D™ annuloplasty system has a unique asymmetrical 3D remodeling ring design based on the annular geometry of normal human mitral annuli.


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Tri-Ad 2.0 Adams Tricuspid Annuloplasty Band

Tri-Ad Adams Tricuspid Annuloplasty Ring

The Tri-Ad™ 2.0 Adams Tricuspid annuloplasty band repairs annular dilatation preserving 3D motion during the cardiac cycle, while providing free wall support and remodeling.


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Tissue Valves and Conduits

Avalus Bioprosthesis

Avalus Bioprostheses

The Avalus™ bioprosthesis is a pericardial aortic surgical valve designed for better overall performance, improved implant experience, and a contemporary design to facilitate future valve-in-valve (ViV).


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Contegra Pulmonary Valved Conduit


The Contegra™ conduit offers a natural alternative for reconstruction or replacement of the natural right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT).


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Freestyle Aortic Root Bioprosthesis

Freestyle aortic root bioprosthesis on white background
The Freestyle™ bioprosthesis is for the replacement of malfunctioning native or prosthetic aortic valves with the option of aortic root replacement. Product Details

Hancock II and Hancock II Ultra Bioprostheses

Hancock II and Hancock II Ultra bioprostheses on white background
The Hancock™ II and Hancock II Ultra™ are for patients who require replacement of their native or prosthetic aortic and/or mitral valves. First introduced in the 1980s, Hancock II is a second generation valve with more than 25 years of clinical experience. Product Details

Hancock Valved Conduit

Hancock valved conduit on white background
The Hancock™ Bioprosthetic Valved Conduits are designed for use in reconstructive procedures for the repair of congenital or acquired cardiac and great vessel malformations or pathology. Product Details

Mosaic and Mosaic Ultra Bioprostheses

Mosaic bioprosthesis on which background
The Mosaic™ bioprosthesis — based on more than 30 years of Medtronic tissue valve design expertise — is an excellent choice for surgeons looking for long-lasting durability, exceptional performance, and implantability for aortic, mitral, and MICS procedures. Product Details

Mechanical Valves and Conduits

Medtronic Open Pivot Mechanical Heart Valves

Medtronic Open Pivot

The unique bileaflet valve design of the Medtronic Open Pivot™ mechanical heart valves eliminates recesses or cavities where a potential thrombus may form.


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Medtronic Open Pivot Aortic Valved Graft (AVG)

Medtronic Open Pivot AVG

The Medtronic Open Pivot™ aortic valved graft unites a fundamentally different bileaflet heart valve design with leading graft technology for exceptional implantability.


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Temporary Myocardial Pacing Leads


Streamline temporary pacing leads on white background
Temporary pacing leads are often attached to the myocardium at the end of the cardiac surgical procedure. Once the leads are placed and connected to an external pacing device, the electrical activity of the heart can be sensed and paced when necessary. Product Details

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