InterStim™ II  InterStim™ II neurostimulator for bladder control and bowel control

The InterStim™ II system is a recharge-free, long-term SNM system that lets you get full-body* MRI scans.

Five year clinical data summary for the InterStim System


The implanted InterStim™ II system electrically stimulates the sacral nerve, which is thought to normalise neural communication between the bladder and brain and between the bowel and brain.1,2

Product details

Interstim II with lead product

The recharge-free InterStim™ neurostimulator streamlines the implant procedure with a design that eliminates the need for the lead extension and uses fewer set screws.

  • Connects directly to the lead, eliminating need for an extension
  • Accommodates three lead sizes: 28 cm, 33 cm, and 41 cm
  • Compatible with a lead insertion indicator in the lead
  • Integrates strain relief in the header
  • Incorporates radiopaque identification of manufacturer and model number
  • Allows 1-screw implantation
  • Allows full-body MRI scans for patients who need them*

Model specifications




Battery Type



22 g 


44 mm


51 mm

System Components

Ful Implant Components
  • InterStim™ SureScan™ MRI lead model 978B1
  • InterStim™ smart programmer 


Advanced Evaluation Components

Note: Previous models of the InterStim™ system and the InterStim™ II system require the N'Vision™ clinician programmer and InterStim iCon™ patient programmer.

More intuitive. More powerful.

The Interstim™ II system may be suitable for most people because it's simple, convenient and lower maintenance.3


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Under certain conditions; see approved labeling for details. Patients with InterStim™ MRI Leads only.


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Patton V, Wiklendt L, Arkwright JW, Lubowski DZ, Dinning PG. The effect of sacral nerve stimulation on distal colonic motility in patients with fecal incontinence. Br J Surg. 2013;100:959–968.


De Wachter S. et al New Technologies and Applications in Sacral Neuromodulation: An Update Adv Ther 37, 637-643 (2020).

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