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EnChEVAR with Endurant™ II/IIs stent graft system + Radiant™ balloon-expandable covered stent

Proven device combination for ChEVAR

EnChEVAR: Endurant II/IIs + Radiant offers the only on-label and CE-marked solution for ChEVAR.

Proven, safe, and effective way to lengthen aortic sealing zones

Learn how EnChEVAR with Endurant II/IIs system + Radiant stent provides durable outcomes in challenging hostile sealing zones.

EnChEVAR deployment

Step-by-step deployment of the Endurant II/IIs and Radiant stent grafts for ChEVAR.

Our experts tell it best.​Clinician experiences on EnChEVAR

Watch the video with experience of Prof. Reijnen and Prof. Donas on EnChEVAR technique with Endurant™ II/IIs system and Radiant™ covered stent.

Clinical outcomes

The PROTAGORAS study1 evaluated the performance of the Endurant II/IIs stent graft for patients with pararenal pathologic processes that were treated by the chemistry/snorkel endovascular technique.

Standardised use of the Endurant II/IIs stent graft system and Radiant covered stent for ChEVAR demonstrated:

N = 128 patients1

  • 24.6 months mean radiologic follow-up (range, 0-61 months)
  • 100% technical success
  • New late onset of type Ia endoleaks: 1.6%
  • Primary patency of chimney grafts: 95.7%
  • AAA sac diameter regression/stability: 90.6%
  • Freedom from chimney graft-related reinterventions: 93.1%

Radiant covered stent shows significantly better performance in ChEVAR compared to other grafts, with 94.6% patency at midterm compared to 84.1% patency with other covered stents.2

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Radiant balloon-expandable covered stent on transparent background

Stent graft sizing

Endurant II/IIs stent graft sizing guidelines

Vessel proximal diameter:
infrarenal EVAR (mm)

Vessel proximal diameter:
infrarenal ChEVAR (mm)

Proximal stent graft diameter


 N/A  23
20–22  1920  25


 2123  28


 2426  32


 27–30  36

Radiant stent graft sizing guidelines

Renal native diameter (mm)

Recommended Radiant diameter (mm)

5.4–6.2 6
6.3–7.2 7

Radiant stent graft size configurations

Diameter (mm)

Stent length (mm)

Catheter length (mm)

Catheter outer diameter (Fr)

6 22 120  6
6 32 120  7
6 38 120  7
6 59 120  7
7 22 120  7
7 32 120  7
7 38 120  7
7 59 120  7

Use this tool to see full ordering information and plan case specifics such as sizing and placement.

Preparing for the case

Recommended ancillary equipment:

Soft wire for easy access to renal arteries

  • 0.035” soft Terumo GLIDEWIRE™* hydrophilic-coated guidewire

Renal wire balanced between stiffness and flexibility; atraumatic short tip

  • Cook Rosen™* wire guide

7 F sheath, 90 cm length with atraumatic tip for renal entry

  • Medtronic TourGuide™ steerable sheath 7 F, 90 cm
  • Cook Flexor™* Shuttle™* guiding sheath, Terumo Destination™* guiding sheath

Shorter 16 F sheath or larger may be used for access during a two-chimney case.

Catheter — 5 F, minimum length of 110 cm to 125 cm

Must be able to pass through and extend beyond 90 cm sheath; variety of angles to support renal cannulation; vertebral multipurpose.


  • Medtronic Reliant™ stent graft balloon catheter to achieve good conformability of the Medtronic Endurant II/IIs stent graft system with the aortic wall and the renal stents
  • Medtronic Admiral Xtreme™ PTA balloon catheter OTW 0.035“ assist in access to renal (4 mm x 40 mm)

Inflation devices

  • 20 cc syringe
  • 20 cc inflation device equipped with manometer

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™Third-party brands are trademarks of their respective owners.

Other covered stents include: GORE Viabahn®*, Bentley BeGraft™*, BD LifeStream™*.



Donas KP, Torsello GB, Piccoli G, et al. The PROTAGORAS study to evaluate the performance of the Endurant stent graft for patients with pararenal pathologic processes treated by the chimney/snorkel endovascular technique. J Vasc Surg. January 2016;63(1):1-7.


Pitoulias GA, Torsello G, Austermann M, et al. Outcomes of elective use of the chimney endovascular technique in pararenal aortic pathologic processes. J Vasc Surg. February 2021;73(2):433-442.

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