The new solution for AV fistula creation

The Ellipsys™ Vascular Access System is the surgery-free alternative to AV fistula creation.


  • Fast and efficient – the procedure can be completed in just 30 minutes1

  • Reproducible and minimally invasive1

  • Requires no incision, implant, or suture – innovative percutaneous  AVF technology2

  • Patients leave with a single puncture – no scars, no lumps or bumps, less risk of complications3
  • Minimally invasive
  • Highly effective

The Ellipsys™ System offers:

  • Patented tissue fusion technology, enabling immediate, minimally invasive creation of permanently fused anastomosis4

  • A track record of achievement in over 3,000 procedures in several settings5

Peer-reviewed manuscripts from Germany and France comparing the Ellipsys™ System to surgical AVF creation have demonstrated its effectiveness:6,7

  • There was no difference in secondary patency of endoAVF compared to sAVF through 12 or 24 months6
  • Procedure time with Ellipsys™ System was significantly shorter with endoAVF compared to sAVF7

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Watch the video to learn about the EllipsysTM Vascular Access System - presentation by Drs. Alex Mallios and Robert Shahverdyan.

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Learn how to optimize the entire care continuum for endovascular AVF creation including patient selection, fistula creation, maturation, and cannulation.

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With the Ellipsys™ Vascular Access System, we have solutions to support end-stage renal disease patients across the vascular access care continuum.

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† The approved product name for the drug-coated balloon is IN.PACT™ Admiral™ Paclitaxel-coated PTA Balloon Catheter.​



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