Medical Education Support - Virtual Events

Virtual Events

I can't register for the event

  • Have you created your Medtronic account?
  • Have you encountered a "cannot access your Medtronic account at this time" error? Find support here.

  • Have you logged in?
  • Have you checked the date?
  • You can't register for a live event that happened in the past.

I can't start my virtual event

  • Have you logged in?
  • If you can't log in, find support here.

  • If you have logged in, under "My Learning", you will see a summary of upcoming events and courses that you are already enrolled in (if you are enrolled in anything).


  • Have you registered for the event?
  • Can you start the virtual event from another device? 
  • For example, from your mobile phone, using the Zoom app for mobiles, or on a different network to the one your computer is on (e.g., using your phone data).

  • If you can join the Zoom test meeting, check that you have registered and are trying to access with the correct username and password.

What do I need for a virtual event?

  • Audio
  • Headphones or speakers

  • Video
  • You will need a camera to actively participate in an online meeting or conference. A smartphone will have a camera; newer laptops also often have an inbuilt camera.

  • You don't need a camera if you want to watch a webinar, recorded video, etc.

  • Internet
  • We recommend a minimum speed of 1.2Mbps (up/down) for virtual events. You can test your internet speed, but remember that it might change throughout the day - it is not always the same.

  • If you are sharing an internet connection (for example, with another family member or in a public space), the connection speed may drop significantly if someone else starts streaming a video, making video calls, etc.

  • System requirements