Coronary Catheters For Healthcare Professionals

Aspiration Catheters 

Export Advance Aspiration Catheter

Export Advance aspiration catheter image on gray background
The Export Advance™ aspiration catheter delivers consistent, high-performing aspiration power when it matters most. Product Details

Export AP Aspiration Catheter

Export AP aspiration catheter image on blue background
The Export™ AP aspiration catheter with Full-Wall technology has a soft, forward-facing tip for particle capture. Product Details

Diagnostic Catheters

DxTerity Diagnostic Catheter

DxTerity diagnostic catheter image on light blue background
DxTerity™ diagnostic catheters harness the same Full-Wall technology found in our market-leading guide and aspiration catheters — giving you the responsive torque you need during coronary cases. Product Details

DxTerity TRA Diagnostic Catheter

DxTerity TRA diagnostic catheter image on light blue background
Go transradial with DxTerity™ TRA diagnostic catheters — a collection of five universal curves featuring Full-Wall technology that are specifically adapted for transradial coronary cases. Product Details

Guide Catheters

Launcher Guide Catheter

Launcher guide catheter image on light blue background
Launcher™ guide catheters offer a blend of flexibility, support, and visualisation for today’s percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Product Details

Sherpa NX Balanced Guide Catheter

Sherpa NX coronary guide catheter image on light blue background
Sherpa NX™ Balanced coronary guide catheter offers flexibility, control, and support to guide you through challenging PCIs. Product Details

Guide Extension Catheter

Telescope GEC

Telescope guide extension catheter image on blue background
Telescope™ guide extension catheter features our TruFlex™ soft polymer tip and SmoothPass technology to help channel interventional devices. Product Details