Coronary Guidewires and Accessories For Healthcare Professionals

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Cougar™ Guidewire

Cougar guidewire product image on blue background

Cougar™ guidewires offer a nitinol core wire for steerability and support, with a soft double-coil tip for shape retention.


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Intuition™ Guidewire

Intuition guidewire product image on blue background

Intuition™ guidewires incorporate Accu-Core technology and a one-gram tip weight for torque performance and precision in workhorse cases.


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ProVia™ Guidewire

ProVia guidewire product image on blue background

ProVia™ guidewires feature a 1 mm nonhydrophilic tip and Accu-Core technology for torque performance, and come in a range of weights and lengths.


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Thunder™ Guidewire

Thunder guidewire product image on blue background

Thunder™ guidewires offer a stainless steel, core-to-tip design offering torque, tip control, and steerability for cases requiring extra support.


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Zinger Guidewire

Zinger guidewire product image on gray background

Zinger™ guidewires have a stainless steel core wire for steerability and torque control, and come in light, marker, medium, and support versions to meet different clinical situations.


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Everest Disposable Inflation Device

Everest disposable inflation device image

The Everest disposable inflation device offers a simple solution for balloon inflation, combining a sure-grip torque knob, ergonomic pistol grip, and quick-trigger release.


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