Inceptiv™ neurostimulator Rechargeable spinal cord stimulator
with sensing technology

Inceptiv™ is the most advanced SCS system with closed-loop technology1-3 for chronic pain relief.

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Relief in tune with pain

Inceptiv™ Spinal Cord Stimulator

Discover why Inceptiv™ is the most advanced SCS system with closed-loop technology

Need for consistent therapy​

Fixed-output systems do not account for shifts in lead-to-spinal cord distance, which may result in inconsistent therapy dose4 and can compromise patient experience.

With fixed-output systems, patients need to make adjustments to deliver optimal therapy, regardless of waveform. Under- and overdosing can lead to variable therapy experience.

Fixed imput

Variability in electrode distance to spinal cord due to activities and position

Inceptiv™ SCS listens and responds

Inceptiv™ SCS system with closed loop technology senses* neutral response and automatically adjusts stimulation to maintain therapy level during all patients activities.

does not depend on adjustments from the patient to maintain stimulation

instantly adjusts therapy delivery in real time

provides consistent therapy while patients perform a full range of daily activities

Inceptiv™ actively listens*5 to the spinal cord and responds instantly.

Inceptiv™ device
50x Per Second
3K Per Minute

Superior back pain relief , personalised

The Inceptiv™ system delivers DTM™ SCS therapy, now optimized moment-to-moment

Closed-loop SCS offers flexibility of therapy programming, based on patient preference.

highest back pain responder rate reported at 12 months in similar RCTs‡ (≥50% improvement)1.

of DTM™ SCS patients were profound back pain responders (≥80% pain relief).1


Sensing signals may not be measurable in all cases.

DTM™ SCS superior outcomes demonstrated using open-loop SCS therapy.

Descriptive comparison, including studies with similar design (RCT; randomization >100 subjects; comparing 2 SCS therapies; with at least 12-months follow-up) and patient populations (inclusion/exclusion criteria; baseline demographics) with back pain responder rates reported. This is not based on a statistical analysis of outcomes between studies.

Your Inceptiv™ SCS patients can now enjoy greater freedom.

More consistent therapy, more time for life

Patients prefer inceptiv™ graphic

Best full-body MRI access

The first and only full-body 1.5T and 3T MRI SCS system§

Full body MRI




of patients are expected to need an
MRI within 5 years post implant6


access to MRI scanners


Inceptiv™ offers the most access to life-changing diagnostic imaging§

Inceptiv™ advantage with SureScan™ portfolio

   ✔  Able to scan high impedance or fractured lead
   ✔  Able to scan fully discharged device
   ✔  1.5T and 3T MR conditional whole body normal operating mode
   ✔  Able to scan patient in prone position, e.g., breast MRI

   § 8 Under specific conditions. Refer to product labeling for full list of conditions.

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