The RestoreSensor Clinical Study demonstrates that patients using AdaptiveStim experienced improved pain relief with no loss of convenience, or improved convenience with no loss of pain relief, compared with using conventional stimulation.

Physicians reported that position-adaptive stimulation provided added clinical benefit for 88.7%* of patients.


AdaptiveStim is safe and effective in providing pain relief and/or convenience compared with conventional stimulation.

  • Patients reported improved comfort during position changes with this new technology.
  • AdaptiveStim represents an important innovation in spinal cord stimulation therapy.
  • When selecting a spinal cord stimulation system for the treatment of chronic trunk and/or limb pain, the benefits of AdaptiveStim merit serious consideration by clinicians and patients, especially for patients who experience uncomfortable stimulation with position changes during the trial stimulation period.

The RestoreSensor Clinical Study was a prospective, multicenter, open-label, randomised, crossover, 16-week trial. Study details can be found in the Clinical Summary for Advanced Pain Therapy Using Neurostimulation for Chronic Pain.

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RestoreSensor® Clinical Study compared AdaptiveStim stimulation to Medtronic conventional stimulation; 88.7% is based on analysis of one of two questions that comprised the primary endpoint of improved convenience and/or better pain relief. Percentage based on respondents who completed the pain relief question.