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Digital solutions to access data and manage your patients at implant and in person follow-up

Our solutions to manage cardiac device data have evolved, whether the patient is receiving an implant or visiting the clinic for a follow-up. We are continuously developing new solutions which seamlessly integrate into your clinic’s workflow and help you efficiently manage your patients from a safe distance.

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Tablet Device Manager

Close up image of the CareLink SmartSync Device Manger from a front view.

CareLink SmartSync™ Device Manager

CareLink SmartSync™ Device Manager is the next-generation Medtronic tablet-based programmer and pacing system analyzer. Utilizing BlueSync™ technology, SmartSync™ provides you with wireless programming capabilities for compatible cardiac implantable devices* and enables a streamlined and secure digital workflow.

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Reveal Linq tablet

Reveal LINQ™ Mobile Manager

The Reveal LINQ™ Mobile Manager is an innovative, app-based device management system for Reveal LINQ™ and LINQ II™ Insertable Cardiac Monitors. It enables procedure simplicity and programmer portability for device activation, programming, CareLink™ network pre-enrollment and follow-up checks, all from the same tablet.

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CareLink Express™ Mobile

CareLink Express™ Mobile

CareLink Express™ Mobile allows patient distancing during a device follow-up and ensures great flexibility since it can be used to interrogate a cardiac device in a variety of healthcare settings (e.g., remote hospitals, emergency rooms, operating room). Using a Medtronic Patient Connector (Model 24967), an Apple® tablet, and a free app, the device check can be done quickly and the data is sent securely to the clinic device specialist for interpretation.

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Legacy Programmers

Close up image of the 2090 programmer.

CareLink™ 2090 Programmer

CareLink 2090 Programmer is a computer system used to program and manage cardiac devices in your clinic and during implant.

The 2090 includes a pacing system analyzer and is enabled with wireless telemetry and a built-in strip printer.

Close up image of the Encore programmer.

CareLink Encore™ Programmer

CareLink Encore™ programmer is lightweight, weighing only 5kg, and includes battery backup power with up to two hours of run time.

Encore provides a PDF viewer and an electronic strip recorder that enables new annotating features and replaces the built-in strip printer found in previous models.


For the full list of cardiac devices compatible with the CareLink SmartSync™ Device Manager, please refer to the Device Manager Compatibility Guide on Medtronic Academy.