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CareLink Express™ Mobile

Flexibility and efficiency
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Our advancement into the smart technology arena means a mobile tablet can now be used to interrogate a patient’s cardiac device in a variety of healthcare settings (e.g. emergency rooms, operating room, procedural areas, remote clinics etc). Using a Medtronic Patient Connector (Model 24967), an Apple®* tablet, and a free app, a device check can be done quickly, and data sent securely to a device specialist for interpretation.

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Patient's device can be interrogated from any location and at a distance, reducing unnecessary patient movement and minimising exposure for both patients and your staff.



Device clinician is notified to review the data remotely on the CareLink Express™ website without the need to be near the patient.

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CareLink Express™ Mobile decouples a patient device interrogation from the data interpretation, moving data quickly and offering the possibility to run follow-ups without the need for a device clinician to be on-site.

See how CareLink Express™ Mobile system has been used at a drive –through clinic at Wythenshawe Hospital in the UK.

See how CareLink Express™ Mobile system has been used at a drive-in clinic in Manchester, UK

Flexibility and Efficiency

CareLink Express™ Mobile allows great flexibility as it can be deployed in a variety of settings, dependent on the clinic's needs and allowing for a fast and efficient follow-up.

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data integration

From any hospital, satellite location, or clinic, the patient’s device data is always saved and available on the CareLink™ Network so so that device data reports can be stored and exported to the patient's Electronic Health Record†.

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