Setting the standard in renal denervation

The Symplicity Spyral renal denervation (RDN) system is used during the Symplicity™ blood pressure procedure — the first catheter-based approach using radiofrequency (RF) energy that complements medications and lifestyle modifications to help reduce blood pressure.


Turn to a proven approach to treat hypertension

The Symplicity Spyral renal denervation system complements medication and lifestyle changes with an effective, evidence-based procedural approach to hypertension treatment.1–4

How renal denervation with Symplicity Spyral works:

  • Supplies precisely controlled and targeted radiofrequency energy to the renal nerves5
  • Safely disrupts the overactive sympathetic signaling between the kidneys and brain to reduce blood pressure5
Illustrated brain and illustrated kidneys, with an arrow going between the two to indicate interaction


Patients treated globally with the Symplicity RDN system10.

See the procedure in action

Learn how the Symplicity Spyral system provides a simple, safe, and effective approach to reducing hypertension.1–4

System components

Symplicity Spyral multi-electrode renal denervation catheter

  • One catheter size fits vessels 3–8 mm.6
  • 4 F catheter,* compatible with 6 F guide catheter, 0.014" guidewire.
  • Easy-to-use, plug-and-play design.
  • Nonocclusive design allows for continuous blood flow to naturally protect the vessel wall.5
  • Multi-electrode, helical design covers four quadrants simultaneously for a circumferential ablation.5
Symplicity G3™ renal denervation RF generator

Symplicity G3 renal denervation RF generator

  • Unique, real-time, and responsive algorithm automatically adjusts power by monitoring temperature and impedance for safe energy distribution5
  • Multi-electrode, helical design covers four quadrants simultaneously for a circumferential ablation5,6
  • Radiofrequency energy preferentially heats fat tissue where renal nerves are located and avoids nontarget structures7
  • Only the Symplicity Spyral RDN system allows for denervation throughout the renal anatomy, including the distal branches,6 where late arriving nerves are accessible and total nerve density is highest8,9

The science of renal denervation

Explore the science of RDN

Watch a short animation that explains the mechanism of action for RF renal denervation with the Symplicity Spyral system.

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Extensive clinical evidence

The Symplicity Spyral system is proven to achieve safe and clinically meaningful blood pressure reduction in multiple clinical trials and a real-world patient registry.1-4

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Take action on hypertension

Gain access to training, education, and tools to successfully introduce the Symplicity Spyral system to your referring community and patients.

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Find links to third party education sites and view recorded sessions from global RDN experts.

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Catheter dimension of 0.052" is average maximum diameter determined during design verification. Upper bound allowable is 0.061".



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