Symplicity Spyral™ renal denervation system

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A novel intervention for hypertension treatment

The Symplicity Spyral renal denervation system:

  • Supplies precisely controlled and targeted radiofrequency (RF) energy to the renal nerves
  • Safely disrupts the overactive sympathetic signaling between the kidneys and brain to reduce blood pressure5

Proven to reduce blood pressure1

The Symplicity Spyral system delivers clinically significant, safe, and sustained blood pressure reductions in multiple clinical trials and a real-world patient registry.1-4

Supported by published clinical evidence unmatched in scope, quantity, and quality

Always-on blood pressure reduction

In the SPYRAL HTN-ON MED pilot study, at three years, blood pressure reductions with the Symplicity blood pressure procedure were present throughout the day and night, including the high-risk zone in the late night and early morning period, which is usually associated with increased risk for stroke and cardiovascular events.3

A chart shows how the Symplicity procedure reduces blood pressure 24 hours a day

Performance for simplicity and versatility

See the procedure in action

Learn how the Symplicity Spyral system provides a simple, safe, and effective approach to reducing hypertension.1-4

One catheter size fits all eligible anatomy

  • Single catheter treats a wide range of anatomy (vessels 3–8mm in diameter)6,7
  • Utilizes a helical electrode pattern to ablate all four vessel quadrants simultaneously
  • Enables ablation of the main artery, accessory, and branch vessels to maximize the probability of complete denervation6,7
  • Easy-to-use, rapid exchange, plug-and-play design
An illustration of the Symplicity Spyral catheter ablating all four vessel walls simultaneously.

Explore the science of RDN

Watch a short animation that explains the mechanism of action for RF renal denervation with the Symplicity Spyral system.

A close-up of the Symplicity Spyral multi-electrode renal denervation catheter.

Symplicity Spyral™ multi-electrode renal denervation catheter

The Symplicity Spyral catheter offers the ability to navigate complex anatomy.6,7
An image of the Symplicity G3 renal denervation RF generator.

Symplicity G3™ renal denervation RF generator

The Symplicity G3 generator employs a real-time responsive algorithm that controls and monitors the safe distribution of energy to target nerves.6

Partner with a leader

Medtronic can help you build or enhance a dedicated hypertension program and improve care for your patients.
  • Best-in-class training and education
  • Access to therapy awareness and referral resources
  • Industry-leading field and customer support teams
  • Ongoing technology enhancement and innovation
A photo of a male physician in scrubs in a cath lab.

In typical uncontrolled hypertension patients.

ANCOVA adjusted; secondary efficacy analysis.

RDN arm reduction from baseline.


Includes Symplicity Spyral™ and Flex™ catheters.


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Medtronic Data on File.


Medtronic Symplicity Spyral™ Instructions for Use.


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