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Inclusion & diversity

Each voice matters

Inclusion, diversity, and equity play a critical role in driving our competitiveness. We depend on all three to bring more creativity, better decision-making, and enhanced innovation to our work.


Networks & groups

Our Diversity Networks and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) ensure that everyone has a platform to share their voice, collaborate across functions and programs, and advance programs and policies that promote more women and ethnically diverse employees into leadership roles. We have more than 31,000 employees involved in 12 ERGs and Diversity Networks across more than 250 hubs and chapters.

Diversity Networks give employees from underrepresented groups a platform and a pathway toward advocacy, exposure, and development. These networks are The African Descent Network; Asian Impact at Medtronic; Hispanic/Latino Network; Medtronic Women’s Network; and the PRIDE Network.

UKI Abled award

ERGs enhance the professional growth, development and engagement of Medtronic employees and support the Mission, goals, and values of the company. The grassroots nature of ERGs lay the groundwork for the Medtronic global inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E) strategy. Groups include

  • African Descent Network
  • Asian Impact at Medtronic
  • Awareness Benefiting Leadership and Employees About Disabilities (ABLED)
  • Christian Employee Resource Group
  • Hispanic Latino Network
  • Medtronic Jewish Community
  • Medtronic Seasoned Professionals
  • Medtronic Women’s Network
  • Medtronic Young Professionals
  • Muslims and Friends
  • PRIDE Network
Members of the Pride ERG at an event in 2022.
Equity, inclusion, and diversity isn’t one big thing you do — it’s a million little things that we all do every day.”

— Dr. Sally Saba, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer

A photo of Dr. Sally Saba, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, Medtronic.

Inclusion, diversity & equity

Supporting women in IT

We prioritize diversity of thought, experience, and background.

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Information technologist inspecting a circuit board with test cable
An inclusive workplace that creates opportunities for all, where my voice is heard and valued giving me the chance to make a difference.”

— Angela, Senior Training & Education Specialist Western Europe

Employee Photo of Angela

Stronger together

Embracing our differences

We’re creating a future that requires all our strengths — including our 95,000-plus employees and our influence as the world’s leading healthcare technology company — to advance equity in our workplace, our industry, and our communities. We work hard to cultivate a workforce that reflects our patients and partners.

Woman and man doing research and development in a lab
Although Medtronic is a big company, it does not feel like a big company. There is also room and understanding for your private life.”

— Willy, Senior Field Clinical Research Specialist - The Netherlands

View an employee image of Willy

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