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Get inspired

by engineers

Meet some of our engineers with the expertise and experience to bring great ideas to life.

Video placeholder of Richard.

Richard Cornelussen

Sr. Principal Scientist -

Video placeholder of Estelle.

Estelle Fraysse

Senior R&D Engineer - 

Video placeholder of Mark.

Mark Lazeroms

Director of Engineering - 

Video placeholder of Neils.

Niels van der Knaap

Technician - 



Video placeholder of Patrick.

Patrick Kleijnen

R&D Engineer -


Video placeholder of Thomas.

Thomas Steffen

Senior Legal Director, Head of Intellectual Property Operations EMEA -

Video placeholder of Nathalie Virag.

Nathalie Virag

Scientist specialized in cardiovascular diseases and computer modeling -

Video placeholder of Victor Duijsens.

Victor Duijsens

Mechanical engineer specialized in neurology and cardiology -

Video placeholder of Raphael Schneider.

Raphael Schneider

Research engineer specialized in diabetes and cardiac diseases - 


Gaetano Leogrande

Biomedical engineer specialized in sensing and neurology -



Video placeholder of Mirko De Melis.

Mirko De Melis

Scientist specialized in neuro cardiovascular diagnostics and biomedical sensors -