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Through our portfolio of existing businesses, as well as through our corporate Science & Technology and Ventures group, we have the research, engineering, and commercial competencies to bring promising new concepts to market.

On the Medtronic Eureka Submit Your Idea page, we ask you to provide your contact details as well as some information about the type of idea you have, at what stage of development or maturity it is, as well as to which therapy areas it is suited. This helps us to better evaluate your submission.



Step 1


Simply use the Online Idea Submission through Medtronic Eureka.

Then you will receive an immediate submission confirmed by email.


Step 2


At Medtronic, we will bring together 

the right people to make a rigorous 

internal assessment.


Step 3


After your idea has been understood and considered, you will be contacted via email, we will let you know if your idea has the potential for incubation with Medtronic. Steps will then be taken with you to determine actions on the submission.

If we don't see potential with Medtronic, your idea will be moved for evaluation - if you agree.

Incubating your idea together


If after a preliminary evaluation based on multiple criteria your project is selected it will proceed to a collaborative testing phase. The goal is to de-risk your innovation, by demonstrating the technical feasibility, the therapy effectiveness and the economic value.

Test phase

We will initiate the testing by assigning an expert project team to assess feasibility and model or prototype the idea. The focus will be on determining proof of concept and elimination or mitigation of the most significant risks during the testing process.


In simple terms, prototyping moves the invention from a virtual concept into a physical implementation. Depending on the invention, a prototype may or may not be necessary - or only portions of the submitted idea may need prototyping. Regardless of the method used, prototyping, and modelling are essential for learning, visualization, and idea validation.

Joint Development Agreement

If the submitter is involved in collaboration with Medtronic for prototyping of their submission, a Joint Development Agreement is established between both parties to agree on the scope of the collaboration, the roles and responsibilities and on intellectual property derived in the testing phase.

We are looking for early-stage ideas that can improve lives.
These ideas can be initial concepts or more developed proposals.
What matters to us is their innovative approach and potential
to be game-changers - we want to hear from you.

* Decision communicated by email. If the idea is of potential interest to Medtronic steps will be taken with the submitter to determine actions on the submission. If not of interest to Medtronic idea moves to MD Start for evaluation if submitter agrees.