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PVAC GOLD Pulmonary Vein Ablation Catheter

Cardiac Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation


The Pulmonary Vein Ablation Catheter GOLD (PVAC™ GOLD) is designed to be used for the creation of endocardial lesions (focal and linear) during cardiac ablation procedures for the treatment of symptomatic atrial fibrillation (AF).  The PVAC Gold is also intended to be used for cardiac electrophysiological (EP) mapping of pulmonary vein potentials, delivery of diagnostic pacing stimuli, and verifying electrical isolation of the pulmonary veins post-treatment.


Unique Benefits to Enhance Procedural Experience 

  • Uniform Contact - 20° forward tilted array produces 56% more uniform contact across the length of the array than a perpendicular array1
  • Stable Positioning - Over-The-Wire design simplifies catheter placement and enhances PVAC™GOLD Stability during AF Ablation,especially in difficult anatomies
  • Precise Temperature Measurement - Accurate temperature measurement is important for safety and control of power delivery. Thermocouple placed at electrode-tissue-interface provides improved accuracy of temperature measurement. Terperature control and lack of irrigation permit tight temperature control eliminating opportunity for steam pops. Moreover gold allows for more accurate temperature measurement than platinum2
  • Improved Lesion Consistency and Quality - The thermal conductance of gold allows PVAC Gold to produce consistent transmural lesions, irrespective of cardiac flow conditions, resulting in significantly RF applications required to achieve PVI3

Reduced Procedure Times

PVAC Gold side view

PVAC GOLD efficiently maps, ablates and validates pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) with one catheter resulting in short and predictable AF ablation procedures. Consistent procedure times can lead to improved EP lab productivity, reduced waiting lists and subsequently earlier AF treatment which is known to result in better outcomes for patients.4,5

Portability and Ease-of-Use

The Phased RF system provides ergonomic, user-friendly installment and usage in any EP lab.

Single Operator System

The GENius Multi-Channel RF Ablation Generator with ContactIQ generator simplifies the decision making by displaying clearly and intuitively the energy delivery with the PVAC GOLD catheter. The GENius Multi-Channel RF Ablation Generator remote control enables simultaneous catheter positioning and energy delivery by a single operator.



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See the device manual for detailed information regarding the instructions for use, indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and potential adverse events. For further information, contact your local Medtronic representative and/or consult the Medtronic website at